Empire Builder:
Turns every 9 minutes.
Max stored: 320
28 day round
Points count towards league
Medieval War:
Turns every 3 minutes.
Max stored: 800
21 day round
Points count towards league.
Epic Warfare:
Turns every 1 minutes.
Max stored: 1500
14 day round

New 1000 AD Video Tutorial

Understanding New 1000 AD

These videos are for players who would prefer to learn the turn by turn strategy game New 1000 AD by watching tutorial videos in place of reading text. The videos below give new players a quick guide of how to navigate the game screen and what to do after you have started.

Basic Details

These videos will give players a wonderful visual illustration of using the market,understanding how the scoreboard works for the game New 1000 AD. Also learn how to get more population,explorers and build a great wall similar to the Great Wall of China.

Advanced Strategies

The strategies below give a great visual experience when learning to set a impenetrable defence. Also learn how to get and use construction workers correctly. Exploring is a must learn in this game. The exploring tutorial will give a new player an excellent illustration on how to get the most land to dominate the competition.