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Standard Game:
Turns every 9 minutes.
Max stored: 320
28 day round
Points count towards league
Blitz Game:
Turns every 3 minutes.
Max stored: 800
21 day round
Points count towards league.
Test Game:
Turns every 1 minutes.
Max stored: 1500
14 day round
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New 1000 A.D. - Empire Building Games

New 1000 A.D. is a fun packed, heart pounding good time of an online strategy game. You become the leader of a small patch of land and through tasks like farming, woodcutting and mining, build it into a overpowering kingdom. You decide history.

The standard game of New 1000 A.D. has a 320 turn max with new turns coming every 9 minutes. Each round is played in 28 days. Players can join 10 person alliances in this free browser game.

Features Video

Standard Leaderboard

Round LeaderboardTop Alliances
Player Score
InCo (12) 118,487,018
Effingham (6) 78,749,453
Korna (10) 855,052
Crews (9) 278,963
Byzybee (11) 51,140
Czesh (13) 40,770
House Stark (8) 16,121
Tony Gunk (7) 14,360
tony gunk 2 (14) 14,360
Falond (15) 14,360
Alliance Members Avg. Score Total Score
Training Alliance 1 4 220,943 883,772

How to Build your Empire Strategically

New 1000 A.D. standard is a classic and free online multiplayer game where you become the leader of a population of some of histories most famous empires. To ensure victory you have to construct a strong city first by finding resources like wood, iron and food and managing them correctly. In this free online rpg you can attack, ambush and raid other players cities and plunder their treasures to finance your war machine.

Your job is to stabilize your economy. Use strategic and diplomatic skills to destroy your opponents. This your chance to outwit your opponent and take over. The perfect way to conquer, lead and build your empire into the undisputed king is to start by conquering small patches of land in New 1000 AD.

You can create town centers by exploring and constructing cities. The more cities you raise the more explorers you will be able to send to a variety of locations to find valuable land to gain more resources. To keep your goods and land safe from the enemy, you will have to create wise and unique strategies to rise to the challenge. One excellent plan of action is to make allies with other strong players.

With the help of allies, you can send huge armies of catapults and erase other kingdoms from the map. You can also send thieves on missions of espionage and steal resources and burn the homes, markets, and forts of your rivals. Unlike other online rpgs New 1000 AD is a completely text based rpg. Your imagination is your graphics.

This is not just a game, it is a war of the ancient world. You wage war against your arch enemy and fight brutal battles until your nemesis surrenders or quits.

Which Civilization will you Choose?

What makes New 1000 A.D. such an interesting empire building game is the number of civilization a person has to choose from. Lead troops of Japanese Samurai or Viking Bezerkers.Also, Franks, Turks, Chinese, Mongols, Incas, Zulu, Barbarians or Byzantines are among the civilizations to lead. Each with a different economical and military advantage. So many different research plans, with multiple players to battle makes New 1000 A.D. one of the best empire building games.

How to Play

To start the game you must first make a free account. Once you do, it is recommended that you go through the new player tutorial and find which military strategy best fits your society. You can also watch video tutorials and chat in game with players about which direction you should go with your civilization. Our forums also have great tips and tricks provided by some of the best players in this fun strategy game.

Free War Game Online

This is your chance to go back and time and lead a powerful army, games online today focus more on graphics than actual gameplay. New 1000 A.D. is a unique free browser game because of the text based background. So if you enjoy free empire building games, try New 1000 A.D. and join a great community.