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Trade allows you to buy and sell goods with gold. Each market you own allows you to trade 50 goods each month. The more markets you have the more you can trade.

Local Trade:
Use "local trade" to buy or sell to your people. Local trade happens instantly so when you buy you get your resources instantly and when you sell you get the gold instantly. You can also use the auto trade option to automatically perform a trade each month. Keep in mind, you may only trade wood, food, iron and tools on the local market. The prices on the local market are depandant on the size of your empire. The higher score you have, the less favorable the prices are.

Public Trade:
"Public trade" is used for buying and selling resources to other empires. It takes 3 months for your goods to reach the market when you sell. If someone purchases your goods, you get the gold immediately, but the merchants take a 5% fee. When you buy from the "public market" it takes 3 months for the goods to arrive. Once the goods are at the market, if you want to withdrawal the goods, there is 25% restocking fee. You can trade wood, food, iron, tools, maces, bows, swords, horses and wine on the public market. There is a minimum and maximum price for each good. Goods from you or your alliance are highlighted in purple on this screen, while all other goods appear against a black background.