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Send explore missions to gain more land. When a turn ends, each explorer has a chance to discover more land. Explore missions lasts 6 months. The more explorers you send the better your chances are to discover land. The more land you have, the more food it costs to conduct explore missions.

Each town center provides 6 explorers, so the more town centers you have, the more explorers you can send. When you conduct an explore mission, your townspeople will convert to explorers (they will be taken from your population). Each month they have a chance to discover new land.

You can tell your explorers to look for a specific type of land (mountains, forest or plains) or to look for "any" type of land. When explorers look for specific type of land, they find more of that land then they would normally, but they only find that specific type of land. When explorers look for "any" type of land, they will find mostly plains, then forest then mountatins.

You can also send explorers with horses (1X, 2X or 3X) which will increase the length of their trip. Sending explorers with 1X horses, will make them look for land for 8 months. Sending with 2X takes 10 months and 3X takes 12 months. Each X means how many horses you need to send. So if you're sending 1000 explorers you need 1000 horses for 1X, 2000 horses for 2X and 3000 horses for 3X. Normally it doesn't pay off to use that option at the beginning, but once the cost of sending explorers increases, it might be worthwhile to do so.

Explorers find more land during summer months and less during winter.