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Quick Start Guide

  • build tool makers at the beginning (at least 50 is recommended) Set their status to 30% to 50% so that they don't use your valuable resources; alternatively, you can sell surplus resources and buy your tools.
  • build wood cutters and iron mines (between 20 to 100 should be enough)
  • always explore, once your explorers are done send another batch of explorers
  • build town centers so that you can send more explorers
  • build farms and hunters to have enough food for your explorers
  • set your food ratios to high or very high, so that you have enough people for your fast expansion
  • you can gain gold by selling wood, iron or food. gold mines are expensive to build, so it might be better to trade at first - use the local auto trade option.
  • don't build weapons or train army until later in the game.
  • join an alliance so that you can have some other empires to help you and protect your empire from attack.


1000 AD game is a turn based game. You only need a web browser to play it.


When you start a game you have an initial number of turns (months) that you can use. To see number of turns you have available look at the top left of the page:

You gain new turns every 5, 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the game you're playing. To end a turn click "END TURN" towards the right of the top menu, or type number of months you want to end towards the left of the top menu then click the "GO" button.

Getting Started:

familiarize yourself with the top menu:


The most important resource of the game is "land."

There are 3 types of land:

  • mountains
  • forest
  • plains

Each type of building can only be built on one of those. Look at the buildings help to see what buildings can be built on each type of land.

You gain land either by exploring or by conquering it from other empires. Usually, the first 300 to 500 months of the game it's much more worthwhile to explore than conquer because army upkeep is expensive and to gain a lot of land from attacking you'll need big army.


You can start constructing buildings right away, because at the start of the game you have some free land. Each tool maker provides 6 builders that can construct your buildings. If you want to speed up your construction time, build more tool makers, but each tool maker needs 1 tool so that he/she can work.


You also need more and more people to work in your buildings. On the management screen you set your food ratios which determines how fast your population will grow. At the bottom of the build screen you can see how many people are working and how many are idle, or how many are required to fill all open jobs. If you do not have enough people for work, some of your buildings might not produce any goods when you end a turn.

Town Centers

Town centers are big and consume a lot of resources and time to construct. But they are one of the most important buildings in the game.

Each town center provides the following:

  • 5 explorers
  • 1 thief
  • 1 catapult
  • 1 civilization specific special unit.

If you want to explore faster you'll need to build more town centers.

When you end a turn you will see a summary of what has happened during the month.

  • how much food was eaten by your soldiers
  • how much food was eaten by your people
  • during winter, how much wood was used for heating
  • population increase or decrease
  • production and usage of resources

Look frequently at the status screen, it will summarize your

  • total income or decline of goods when you end a turn
  • your total goods and how much more warehouse space you have available
  • your total army
  • your total population


Once you get a good and steady flow of cash and have some extra land, you can build mage towers to start researching new technologies.

Research is important in the game, because it

  • increases your production
  • increases your army strength
  • and more.
For more information look at the research help page.