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On the attack screen you can send your armies to attack other empires.

There are 3 types of attacks:
  • army
  • catapult
  • thief
When attacking, the total number of attack points is matched against the opponents defense points. (The total of your attack or defense points are displayed at the top of the army screen). The numbers during the battle are randomized between -10% and +10% of the actual number. Army research increases your defense or attack points. Whoever has more points wins the battle.

Whenever you attack someone, your army's attack strength may be reduced due to the fact that you or someone else already attacked your opponent. You can see your attack strength on the attack screen below your army.

Army Attacks - use swordsman, archers, horseman, macemen and trained peasants. The cost to attack with army is 6 months worth of gold and food. You may also send wine to increase the strength of your army. Each unit of wine will double the strength of one soldier, so sending enough wine for every soldier will double the attack strength of your army.

Conquer - takes land from opponent. Each unit after the battle takes some land. To find how much land a unit takes look at unit details on the Unit help page. However, this is the maximum number of land the unit will take, the actual number might be lower due to numerous circumstances.

Raid - sabotages or destroys resources and buildings of attacked empire (you do not get to keep the resources or buildings, they are destroyed).

Rob - steals resources from attacked empire (you get to keep the resources you steal).

Slaughter - reduces enemy population.

Catapult Attacks - use catapults to attack.

Catapult Army and Towers - if successful, some of the enemy's army and towers are destroyed.

Catapult Population - reduces enemy population.

Catapult Buildings - destroys enemy buildings.

Thief Attacks - use thieves to attack.

Steal Information - find out how much army and resources your enemy has

Steal Research Info - find out what technologies your enemy has researched

Steal Building Info - find out how many of each building your enemy has

Steal Goods - steal resources from the enemy

Poision Water - reduces some of the enemy's army and population

Set Fire - destroys some of the enemy's buildings