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Welcome to one of the top war games on the web. Making an account is easy and most importantly 100% free. Empire Builder is a 320 turn game. You receive a new turn every 9 minutes and the round is 28 days. Below you can easily make your account and begin building your empire against other players.

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on civilization
Vikings: strong exploring and attacking civilization
Franks: very strong exploring and strong defence
Japanese: strong explorer and good research bonus
Byzantines: strong economy and strong attacker
Mongols: weapon maker and strong attacker
Incas: poor economy but powerful attacker with massive landgrabs
Chinese: weak economy but inexpensive and powerful attacker
Barbarians: the wine maker, makes a power attacking civ
Turks: very strong attacker with research bonus
Zulu: stong explorer or attacker

AUTOPRO - Donate $3 to help keep the game running and receive a civilization with protection run done for you. You will be shown a button to donate and activate autopro once you create your player. Note that depending on when you join this can start you with negative turns and you will have to wait for them to lapse before you gain turns you can use.

NOTE: This is BETA software. Report any problems or bugs to us and we will fix them or give you a refund.

Vikings ( AutoPro Vikings AutoPro Benefits ): strong exploring and attacking civilization
Franks ( AutoPro Franks AutoPro Benefits ): very strong exploring and strong defence
Japanese ( AutoPro Japanese AutoPro Benefits ): strong explorer and good research bonus
Byzantines ( AutoPro Byzantines AutoPro Benefits ): strong economy and strong attacker
Mongols ( AutoPro Mongols AutoPro Benefits ): weapon maker and strong attacker
Incas ( AutoPro Incas AutoPro Benefits ): poor economy but powerful attacker with massive landgrabs
Chinese ( AutoPro Chinese AutoPro Benefits ): weak economy but inexpensive and powerful attacker
Barbarians ( AutoPro Barbarians AutoPro Benefits ): the wine maker, makes a power attacking civ
Turks ( AutoPro Turks AutoPro Benefits ): very strong attacker with research bonus
Zulu ( AutoPro Zulu AutoPro Benefits ): strong explorer or attacker

Alliance Details

Join an alliance? Assign me to a random alliance.
If you choose this option you will be randomly assigned to an alliance.
  Assign me to a training alliance.
If you are new to the game and would like some assistance, choose this option.
  No alliance.


Game Rules

1. Account Restrictions
2. Feeding and Aid
3. Parking Army
4. Landsharing
5. Bots & Manager
6. Proxies
7. Hacking
8. Inappropriate Messages
9. Ingame Information
10. Bug Reporting and Exploitation
11. Game Staff Impersonation
12. Accusations
13. Abuse of Players and Staff
14. Reimbursement
15. Time Limit Restrictions
15. Jump Exploring/Landfeeder

Object of the Game

1000AD is a fun, turn-based, text-based strategy game. The object of the game is to build up your empire from very little land and wage war on your fellow players. There is a protection period for your early turns to allow you to prepare your empire to defend itself and function self-sufficiently, but as soon as that expires, you are engaged in a deadly war. Land, army, and other things all contribute to score.

When each game ends (you should see the start and end dates above the login area), the player with the most score at that time wins the game. Then everyone starts over with nothing and builds up again.

The more you put into the game, the more you get out of it. We have a very active community of players; you can make new friends, and fight new enemies. Be sure to participate in your in-game Lounges and the Game forums!

After you make your account, make sure you stop by the 1000AD forums and introduce yourself to everyone!

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Game Rules

These rules were created to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fair game and for your protection, where the best player will come out on top, not the best cheater. If everyone sticks to the rules, everyone will benefit from it.

Anyone breaking or suspected of breaking these rules is liable to deletion and/or a permanent ban, with or without any warnings! We reserve the right to alter these rules at any time, although an effort will be made to only make changes in between games, during the reset between each round.

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  1. Account Restrictions
    In order to preserve fair competition, each player is limited to one (1) account in each of our three league games, allowing for a total of three accounts in all of 1000AD. If the Game Admins detect more than one account being played from the same location, they will message you and ask you to delete all but one of your accounts.

    If you play from the same location as another player (ie, family member, roommate, or if you play from a library or cyber cafe) you must message the Game Admins at the start of every round, making sure to include the empires that will be playing from the same location, their empire numbers, and the reason you are all playing from the location. Game Admins refer to these situations as "Shared IPs".

    Because "Shared IP" situations are very precarious, such players are prohibited from attacking each other, trading with each other, and aiding each other.

    Other things you MUST NOT do include:
    • Creating or registration of an account for a friend/family member. Taking ownership/trading an account that someone has offered to you.
    • You must never give your personal login details to anyone. Even if they pretend to be Admin!
    • Taking care of someone else's account is not permitted, they have a vacation mode if they are away.
    • You must never allow anyone else to enter your account. This is known as account sharing.
    You shall bear responsibility of everything that happens in your account. Any questionable actions will be charged towards the account owner.

    Note: Most of these rules do not apply to test game.

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  2. Feeding and Aid
    Aid in protection is prohibited by the game. This is because one of the goals of protection is to approach a level of self-sufficiency. As such, aid or help from other players through the Public Market in the game is also prohibited until you exit protection. This generally includes buying or selling goods at a reduced or increased price.

    Feeding is also not allowed. "Feeding" includes, but is not limited to, having friends play for the sole purpose of aiding you resources, and playing for the sole purpose of supplying your friends with resources.

    During the game. Admins will keep an eye on all market transfers, including received aids. If u ever come across unwanted goods sended to your empire u have to inform game-admins, to avoid a ban for feeding.
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  3. Parking Army
    Parking Army is not allowed. This means it is not allowed to park your army to be able to kill other empires or to park your army to gain profits from the gamedynamics.

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  4. Landsharing
    Landsharing occurs when two or more players conspire to use their ability to attack each other to their mutual advantage, or if one players allows him or herself to be attacked to give another player an advantage. The aim of attacking a player should be to help yourself and hurt your target; when the goal is to help both yourself and your target, you are landsharing; if you invite yourself to be attacked because you want your opponent to have the land, you are landsharing. Ohter examples include swapping land after using it to make resources, attack a common enemy, or gain research; giving land away that you do not need; taking land with the intention of giving it back; and so on. Determining precisely what is landsharing is left to the discretion of your Game Admin.

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  5. Bots & Managers
    There is no valid reason to use any program in conjunction with how the game is presented to you through your browser. This includes so-called managers and macros. No program is allowed to have access to your browser while you are playing the game. This also includes so-called "Bots". Any tools or programs you use that give you an unfair advantage and is not cleared by Game Staff and made available to every other player is illegal and therefore cheating. Having programs or tools to enable mass mailing is also forbidden. Users reported for spamming, sending messages to everyone in the game, will be investigated, deleted and banned from the game.

    Any program which allows you to appear online when you are not is also be considered cheating.

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  6. Proxies
    The use of proxies to play the game will not be tolerated. We realize that there are certain instances where users are forced to connect to a proxy for web access and those instances will be allowed. Any use of public proxies will result in deletion per the admins discretion.

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  7. Hacking
    Hacking is strictly prohibited, which includes any attempt to hack into other players account or the server.

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  8. Inappropriate Message
    You can be warned or deleted for displaying:
    1. Offensive pictures
    2. Naked people
    3. Pornographic material (will result in immediate deletion no questions asked!)
    4. Advertising
    5. Abusive words
    6. Links to anything else derogatory
    7. Html tags
    8. Racist comments
    9. Threatening other players in game
    This is a game meant to be played by people of all ages, so please do try to keep everything posted in the Game forums and in the ingame Lounge at least PG-13.

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  9. Ingame Information
    Please do not reveal ingame information on the public forums, lounge or alliance info page. This refers specifically to tactical information about your enemies. If you want to reveal such information to your allies or to the rest of your alliance, or to anyone in the game, use the ingame message system or alliance forums.

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  10. Bug Reporting and Exploitation
    If you somehow come across a bug, flaw or any other sort of exploit in the game, please inform the Game Admin as soon as possible, and make a post in the Bug Report section of the forums if it is not too sensitive. If you are found abusing a bug knowingly, you will be banned.

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  11. Game Staff Impersonation
    Anyone impersonating any of the Game Staff will meet a painful end to their gaming experience!

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  12. Accusations
    If you suspect anyone of cheating, do not post your accusation in the public forums or the lounges. Message your Game Admins or email them. Accusations posted in public will not be investigated. They will be deleted, and the player who made the accusation may be banned from the game, the lounge, or the Game forums.

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  13. Abuse of Players and Staff
    Offensive and abusive personal attacks directed toward either players or the Game Staff are not tolerated. Constructive criticism of administrators is encouraged as most of our Game Admins are now former players who have volunteered to administer the games in order to keep 1000AD running.

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  14. Reimbursement
    Technical and human error will likely occur at some point in your game if you choose to stay and play consistently. Naturally, such errors may set back your empire. Efforts will be made to ensure that such occurences are relatively innocuous and that players are not unduly penalized. However, beyond that, specific requests for any sort of reimbursement will be ignored.

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  15. Time Limit Restrictions
    Each empire is allowed no more than 8 hours of online time per 24 hour period with 5 logins with turns taken.. This is any 24 hour period. Use of autorefresh is illegal also. Play fair.

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  16. Jump Exploring/Landfeeder
    We hate you on this site. Do not attempt to feed land into the game for the purpose of "helping the game". You are not welcome here and you will be dealt with harshly if you play for sole purpose of feeding land into game.

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Violating any of the above rules can result in being blocked from the game or being removed from the game all together.

If you have any questions about the game after browsing through the documentation, feel free to post your question in the Game forums. Your Game Admins and fellow players will generally be very receptive to requests for help. You can email your Game Admins at, or message them ingame. Usually, they will have accounts numbered 1–3.

After signing up in-game, don't forget to head on down to the Game forums and sign-up there, too!

Game Staff

You will receive validation code at the email address you entered above. You have to enter that validation code before you can start playing.

I agree that I read and understand the rules of the game.