Empire Builder:
Turns every 9 minutes.
Max stored: 320
28 day round
Points count towards league
Medieval War:
Turns every 3 minutes.
Max stored: 800
21 day round
Points count towards league.
Epic Warfare:
Turns every 1 minutes.
Max stored: 1500
14 day round

New 1000 AD New Player Tutorial

Quick Start Guide

The following tutorials will encourage new players to advance their skills for the NEW 1000 AD GAME. We strongly recommend a player read these detailed strategies and game basics. Theses links give a very detailed look into the basic dynamics of this challenging empire war game.

Start Up Strategies

The links below are proven and comprehensible plans of action. They will explain in detailed the best way to get outstanding protection runs for the NEW 1000 AD GAME. By using these methods gamers will be able to improve their ability to compete quickly in this wickedly fun TEXT BASED GAME.

Advanced Strategies

The strategies below are for players with an advanced understanding of the NEW 1000 AD GAME. These highly accurate guides explain in great detail advanced game plans. Temujins guide is widely accepted as the finest and most comprehensive guide for the war game New 1000 AD.