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Turbo Test # 16.
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Empire Builder:
Turns every 9 minutes.
Max stored: 320
28 day round
Points count towards league
Medieval War:
Turns every 3 minutes.
Max stored: 800
21 day round
Points count towards league.
Epic Warfare:
Turns every 1 minutes.
Max stored: 1500
14 day round
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Turbo Test # 16
Game started: May. 04, 2019
Game Ends: Jun. 08, 2019

1 Turn every 1 minutes.
Max turns stored: 1560
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An Age of Adventure

Our Epic Warfare game at New 1000 AD is much different than the other two servers we have. Epic Warfare game has a wild and fun 1500 turn system. With a new turn coming every 1 minute and full turns coming back every 24 hours. Rounds last 14 days and in those 14 days prepare for constant warfare. There are 23 different civilizations to choose from and each has a advantage over the others one way or another. You choose the strategy and play it out in the game. There are no rules in Epic Warfare. Prepare to be attacked online. Prepare to be pummeled and maybe even having your entire civilization wiped off the face of the planet. Killing another empire is not only possible it is encouraged.

This no holds barred battle to the death is for the most hardcore of text based gamer. The speed of the game is much faster than other two servers Empire Builder or Medieval War. Build your empire and prepare to battle at an almost constant rate against players from around the world. This is history on steroids. Along with the usual civilizations of Mongol, Barbarian, Japanese, Zulu Turks, Incas, Byzantines and Franks the Epic Warfare area offers civilizations from throughout history not just medieval times. The Apache, The Aztec, Cossacks, English, Huns, Irish, Mughal, Prussians and Russians and others are all added to give players more civilization options.

How to Play

You can find information on learning New 1000 AD in our game documentation, forums, new player tutorial and video tutorials. Message players in game for advice using our in game messaging system or in game chat. Join an alliance and make friends. New 1000 AD is 100% free and has a multiplayer aspect most turn based games lack. Enjoy your time here and we hope you try out every civilization and become a legend at the game. Good Luck !!