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Changes/Suggestions » NWA's wishlist Aug 25, 2017 08:00 PM (Total replies: 11)

Quote: Come play.

You got it.

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Best rank #33

Changes/Suggestions » NWA's wishlist Aug 24, 2017 05:40 PM (Total replies: 11)

I actually agree with being a middle rank player. I played with both vets and noobs, met a lot of great people. I suspect you get just as nostalgic about the past as I do when we remember the past games. And Mongols are still way overpowered - so my skill looked better than it actually is.

Perhaps your definition of feeding is different from my definition. I was fed in the sense that I got horses and wine from my teammates (who by the way were in the same alliance - no landsharing), and after my run they got weapons, iron, wood, tools, whatever they needed. So they were paid back. And I was not banned. It's not my fault Mongols are so strong. I actually advocate to weaken them.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others
Best rank #33

Basic Strategies » Tips to beat campers, for Blitz game Aug 19, 2017 11:21 PM (Total replies: 5)

One of em was Tem Owner. Since the beginning, no name change that round. And we did exactly that. Then Tem and Oracle quit rather than have a bad score. I've met many good people on here, not just vets but plenty of noobs as well. I won't allow myself to pick on them the way you and Tem do me, like Pirate and Noc did before you. You weren't the first ones. I'm used to it.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others
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Changes/Suggestions » NWA's wishlist Aug 19, 2017 11:00 PM (Total replies: 11)

Quote: Dont think anybody is attacking him for his opinion. Think more so because he was a massive dick for most of his time here.
Bit of banter and he has dished out plenty.
Please dont bring the postmodernist oppressor vs oppressed rubbish here.

As for his wishlist i am not sure he has said anything that isnt well known or rubbish.

Did you post to give ideas or just to be social justice warrior sticking up for the oppressed?
The pm is very close to being formulated for drastic change. That has long been on my list of things to do but nobody really wishes to discuss it. As such it is left up to me who wants it and has nearly come up with a solution and charles who is the only one that could code it. Motivation to implement such a change would need to increase.

Gold or iron could be as simple as changing from all mountains to some plains land and mountains. But then with enough players it isnt an issue. No jump explorers and people prepared to hit explorers means less false land bought into the game.

The reality is it is a text based game. It is a niche market and will be hard to learn. There are enough people that were interested to have a very big player base.
The main problem has been admins listening to whinging players and changing the game to benefit a select few. People complaining about the game and the admins running the most passionate players away leaving the landsharing freelanders that make the game not worth playing. It turned into a mage game because of people like nwa who did nothing nore than get fed goods and land by other players.

Admin suggestion i have said for a decade. Should be a glorified lounge mod. As soon as jack took over i coded out the need for rules and took out the camping advantage.
There is no rules in blitz to do with gameplay. Just multis hacking and abuse essentially.
Have to get my code back in as i think they commented it out because the players complained again of course.

--- Original message by Temujin on May 12, 2017 06:50 PM
I played according to the rules and as a mongol I gave my feeders the required amount of weapons to avoid violating them. If I got 2bil horses I gave 2bil swords, etc.

After 15 years I think I know this game very well. I've had friends, I've had enemies, I've had enemies turned to friends and friends turned to enemies. Even people I taught turned on me. I'm known to lose my temper at times, I even ragequit at rank 1. I'm not perfect and neither are you. I hope you're not mad I found some friends to cat your ass. That was years ago dude.

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Civilization Basics » Viking Jan 14, 2014 09:02 PM (Total replies: 4)

I remember Amen and others used to do wood vikings, with major success. It's a very effective economical solution, especially with the 1:1 conversion. I recommend you still make your own food as well as sell it. 100 food and 100 wood rls minimum.

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Basic Strategies » Tips to beat campers, for Blitz game Jan 6, 2014 12:39 AM (Total replies: 5)

Tired of those campers who stay online and hog the top spots? They can be fought.

Some hints:

1. Team setup strategy

Usually I'm the Mongol, and I have a few Incas supporting me, with 100 cat and 200+ thief rls. The Incas will set a few pages up, one of them being the attacking page that they can f5 (refresh page) with. So they can cat population very quickly, within seconds.

In order for the camper to move they need more pop, and that means disbanding army. Keep a watch on the scores page. As soon as you see the score fall, cat again. And keep out of range of course. The Incas must keep close watch for any score falling, so they can cat the population quickly.

Now that the camper(s) are paralyzed, I am able to run with little fear of the camper doing an attack on me. This has to be done quickly, so that you can get a landmass and army big enough to start pounding the campers. The Incas can now possibly break the campers and homeless them, once the other team members or mongol is finished. They can be homelessed within seconds, using the same f5 strategy. Use thieves for the first 6 hits, then cat and thief every 6 turns.

I have used this strategy before to beat Temujin up a few times, forcing him and his friends to coward out and quit the game. One word: karma.

2. Camp them back, but I much rather fight them online, face to face.

Wait for their mage, which I think is a cowardly way to play, but it's allowed, like it should be.

3. Campers from below - maging with defense.

I prefer 100 defense, 200 fort space, 50 losses and 50 upkeep to use this. Simply keep up some archers/crossbowmen when you mage. If you're a frank, use 250 def rls and put up some towers when you mage. It will cost your mage somewhat, but it's nothing compared to the price you pay if your mage gets wrecked. Especially for slow types like me

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Start up Guides » Mongol Start up Jan 6, 2014 12:26 AM (Total replies: 14)

Usually in mongol pro I start converting to plains and making weapons ready for sale once I leave pro. Pro isn't really important in blitz, but really important with standard. I once started in blitz a week late, and killed 2 camping russians in 1 run thanks to Geezus and his horses the next week. Then I got fed up and deleted 800m land out of the game. People weren't too happy with me, and Ural ended up winning.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others

Changes/Suggestions » Online combat, Acceptance rather than fix. Jan 5, 2014 03:03 AM (Total replies: 38)

Quote: Good to know...
Still, all that does is show ability to Explore.

1. I still cannot Defend successfully.
2. I still have a lot of trouble converting buildings at the start/end of a Run.
3. I still have trouble with Catapults/Thieves (losing cat attacks even with 100 Research?!)
4. I still have never raised an army and attacked anyone.

Without those fundamentals of being able to Attack/Defend in a war game, and also I
never could have achieved the Research without the continued guidance of the game Admin!

I'm not selling myself short here. I have read almost all of the documentation
twice, and worked out a lot of math. I have done my best to understand and
remember all of the advice given to me. I'm working hard to learn the game...
One day, in another three or four Rounds, I might actually be a threat.

BUT, if you look at my Research bonus now and assume it is a marker of
my skill/experience, you will be sorely mistaken. In fact I was told that I left
the Mage Towers up for way too long, in addition to a couple of other major
mistakes that has cost my Score greatly in the end.

--- Original message by VictorBlack on Jul 26, 2013 02:10 AM
Hey Black. As a newbie you shouldn't have to work out a whole lotta math in order to play this game. Attacking, Defending, Economy and Exploring should be easier for the new guy, not a class project. But here are some hints that should help you in this game.

1. Make sure you get to know your units. Archers might have the most defense but they will absolutely get wrecked if a horseman army attacks you. Crossbowmen don't have as much defense but it is good for defending against a swordsmen army, but beware of macemen. Use both defense rls and fort space. Never do towers unless you expect to be broken, unless you're a frank.

2. You can queue up your toolmakers, magetowers and forts/TC's beforehand and hold them for later. It would make maging and converting faster and is a good way to hold wood/iron/gold for later use.

3. If you are using cats/thieves you need most of your land in town centers, and I recommend a hell of a lot of fort space research, as well as cat/thief research.

4. It is difficult for a newbie to maintain an army large enough to break most people. Know your civs well and get plenty of economy research. The PM, buildings/items and the attacking/defending system all need a major overhaul in order to make this game more accessible. More accessibility means more players, and more players means a healthier market, and a healthier market means even better maintenance of an army. But it shouldn't be difficult.

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Changes/Suggestions » NWA's wishlist Jan 5, 2014 02:37 AM (Total replies: 11)

Hey all. I have ideas to help this game rebound back to where it was before, and grow the game from there, as an 11 year veteran. I don't expect these ideas to go anywhere in this game. That's why I will code my own game, when I finish computer programming.

Problem #1: The game is too inaccessible.

Any good game should be easy to learn and hard to master. This game is way too difficult to learn as it is, even with all the videos and guides. There are way too many variables, too many worries. It took me almost 5 months to actually get ok at it. It shouldn't have taken more than a week.

Some items and buildings need to be removed to make the game simpler. Eg, food should be completely removed, and both upkeep and explorers should be ran by gold only. Iron and wood can be condensed into 1 item, material. Remove horses for exploring completely. Also a few other things I won't mention and how it would work. Civs would have to be changed a little, of course.

Problem #2: Some civs too weak, some civs too strong.

If more people played Byzantine, there wouldn't be mountain shortages. The problem is that whoever did the math got it wrong, way wrong. They said, oh, well there are 9 civs so 1/9 of the players should be Byzantine.

Actually, when you look at what many people refer to as the good ole days, the ratio of Byzantine to all civs was actually closer to 1/3 or 1/4 of all players, not 1/9. Andrew got Byzantines right the first time, and someone else screwed it up.

Mongols are way too powerful. Either give them weapons, or fort space but not both (I am planning changes to how you use tools, to make it easier for the new guy)

Get rid of Zulus, completely. I don't know who introduced Zulus to the game but it certainly wasn't Andrew.

Problem #3: Markets and PM prices are way off-balanced.

When wine (for example) isn't selling for minimum price, there's something wrong. That means that the value of the wine is actually lower than what is possible. The minimum wine price should be lowered. Most other goods need their prices changed.

Problem 4#: Get rid of local trade, reimpose the PM during pro, and add a PM queue.

Here's how you would benefit:

I'm a barb and I want to mage, but I'm broke. I could put some wine up, but it could take hours to sell. My only options are to sit online for hours for someone to buy it, or defense up and mage later. Both options will probably hurt your empire.

But hey! In my game someone has placed an order for 2b wine at 200 ea. I put my wine up for 200 or lower and BAM! Instant sale. I can mage comfortably without sitting around.

Problem #5: You need a much better pay-to-play system.

Talking about charging players when you have only a handful is a terrible idea. Charging for auto-pro is a bad idea, since the people who will benefit most from this are the new guys. If you're going to charge people, charge it for extra or unique items/buildings, or extra gold or weapons or turns or something.

You need a substantial player base before even thinking of charging people extra.

Problem #6: Banning

If the people in charge doesn't like someone doing something, it should be coded out of the game. There should be no banning for anything. Code it out, don't make us remember a bunch of rules, or it becomes a chore. Game Admin's job should be reserved for conduct and nothing more.

Problem #7: Online Hitting

Despite the cries of people that have their runs ruined, I say too bad. Online hitting, with a substantial player base, will happen whether you like it or not. I play a game with thousands of people, and online hitting is still considered a sin. But it isn't illegal. But I will implement an overhaul to the attacking/defending system, which will make those online hits hurt a little less. But it's going to happen, whether we like it or not. Too bad.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others

Changes/Suggestions » autobuy autosell on pm by placing orders Jul 26, 2012 07:01 PM (Total replies: 2)

Oh and also:

Make the max price an order can be is set to a number under the max. So goods for max prices cannot be instantly bought. So say the max price you can order is 499, that way you can keep your goods on PM at 500 without it being bought.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others
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Medieval War » Mobile site / iphone-android version Jul 25, 2012 03:55 PM (Total replies: 2)

How would that work? It takes long enough on a PC, on a phone a run would take forever and the phone would be smashed against a wall before I get to the end of it.

On second thought, a phone would be perfect for Lounge or changing PM prices.

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Tutorial area » A little guidance needed. Jul 25, 2012 03:50 PM (Total replies: 2)

As a Byz player I usually got around 5m land 23-24m score about 210 rls. The last 12 turns in pro I don't explore, I just gather gold. 70% mtns 30% plains sounds about right, good job.

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Changes/Suggestions » autobuy autosell on pm by placing orders Jul 25, 2012 03:41 PM (Total replies: 2)

The Russian game on had what they called diplomacy and I believe this would save people from having to be online all of the time. One of the main reasons why people don't stay is because of the time required to play, most people simply don't have enough.

How autoselling on PM works:

Say I'm a Byz coming out of pro and I need wine. I put in an order for 50m wine at 250. Now say a barb comes out of pro and he needs to sell wine for cash. He puts it at 250 and BAM, instant sale. The barb gets his gold right away, and the Byz gets his wine. This saves a lot of time and patience of just waiting around.

Add a 5 minute delay until the BAM so alliances have enough time to trade goods via PM, should only take 10 seconds let alone 5 minutes.

aka NWA, AcesHigh, Baa, madchild, Noofa, bunch of others

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