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General discussion topics » We survived the war to tell stories about it Dec 20, 2010 04:20 PM (Total replies: 11)

That's not really a war story from back in the day though. That just happened just now.

General discussion topics » We survived the war to tell stories about it Dec 20, 2010 04:20 PM (Total replies: 11)

Quote: Actually surprising really how many rounds have turned on a simple case of about 100 turns.

Hmm. Agree. Obv 100 turns is way more in standard though.

Last standard (probably one of the most fun I've played in during the last 4 years) it swung on 100 turn runs 2 or 3 times.

Twice I did it for Kewl with my Mong. First time was to drop V before he maged, did a gold/weps run of my final 100 turns. It let Leeuw mage and produce wine, it allowed swords to be aided to Kewl's turk, and it let Kewl buy wine at min. V got dropped by Kewl with his grand total of 18 turns.

Second time was more frustrating. We had beaten the V/Ilya/Neron combo, and the Roman Generals team of Kano/Urrgath etc. But we'd all forgotten about one damn frank, who had merrily explored to about 2x everyones score. I was full def, Kewl full attack mode but couldn't quite break. He had 30 turns left, I had 60. So I maxed up score like it was final day, and did 7 set fires, knocking out 15% of his towers.

Kewl bounced first hit because (noob) he put vikings into defense calc instead of franks. The next 3 all broke though, and round was over...

Tutorial area » Blitz Exploration strategy Incas, Barbs, and Chins Dec 15, 2010 01:48 PM (Total replies: 12)

Yeah. Look, I'll just say two things:

1) I'm sure this TC strat is the way to go. Absolutely sure.

2) It is ONLY for standard and ONLY for the run out of pro. So you have the 50-60 attack r/l, and then you mage f/s as you are attacking up, and you slowly switch to forts, until you are about 2/3 forts in 1050.

Remember at this time period in standard you generally have no-one attacking you. Maybe the odd barb or inca. But incas should probably be all tcs too, so can't break you.

I agree with everything else you said, which is 90%. But just for the run out of pro in standard, the full tc strat is killer.

General discussion topics » upgrade for byzantines Dec 15, 2010 01:44 PM (Total replies: 3)

People always complaining about byz....

Anyway, Boogie isn't changing anything at the moment. I think byz are strong enuogh as it is... the big problem is the overpower of turks. That also hurts byz because:-

a) The horsemen smash through byz archer defence

b) They target the byz early for the mountain land, so they can make iron.

And once a byz gets dropped so early, it is hard for them to recover.

Tutorial area » Blitz Exploration strategy Incas, Barbs, and Chins Dec 10, 2010 10:41 AM (Total replies: 12)

Hmm... my advice for a chin is to go full tcs out of pro. Full attack r/l.

And like Glo said, 60 r/l with full army ready. And if you do follow the strat, then remember that TCs and Kung Fu warriors take more time and resources to train than you might think.

Anyway, to put this in perspective, I have seen the full tcs strat used 5 times, and used it once myself. I've seen Kroyan and Joost (twice) hit #1 spot in 1050 (run out of pro). The other two examples didn't do so well, but still did as well as your average fort space chin strat. If you pull it off correctly, I have no doubt it is the best strat. But it is fairly risky.
Edited by fusional on Dec 10, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Tutorial area » Blitz Exploration strategy Incas, Barbs, and Chins Dec 9, 2010 08:46 PM (Total replies: 12)

Yeah, it's an overview. You just never said what the overview is.

I think the overview is "Don't research too early on military r/l. Unless you are a pro econ civ (mong, zulu, turk, vik, frank) then 0-15 r/l (space, market) is fine until Jan 1015 in standard and Jan 1040 in blitz....

Tutorial area » Blitz Exploration strategy Incas, Barbs, and Chins Dec 9, 2010 08:13 PM (Total replies: 12)

This makes no sense. You haven't set out an actual strat. That said....

Quote: Reason 1:
No point in doing research that slows down your growth that won't help you with said growth.

True. If you are barb, chin, inca the in standard you don't start researching until final 75-85 turns. In blitz I don't know, but probably don't research until the last 250 turns.

There is one BIG exception. Put a few mage towers up to get about 10 space and 5 market rl. These are important. So get them at around 3-4 years in both standard and blitz.

Quote: Reason 2:
You will get A LOT more rl's, which, especially for these civs can be way more important then a little bit of land you will give up in the end. Most people i see get only 120-150 rl's with incas, barbs, and chins in pro, with this strategy, i average around 200, that is a significant advantage running out of protection.

Again. Makes no sense. I think you wanted to premise all these arguments by saying something like "don't research until 2/3rds of the way until through pro". So I agree with you, although you don't really make sense.

Quote: Reason 3:
Especially for incas and barbs it gives you a chance to really produce a lot of maces for your run ahead to make sure your forts/tc's are filled and for barbs you have a chance to start a mini-wine run to sell to allies or use on your run out for attack and wall.

True for blitz. You should be ready to attack with full forts and full wine the first turn out of pro. In standard it is different. You need to base you strategy around your enemies and you allies.

Quote: I just see it as a better option. I know some people like to get 50 food to help get bigger in exploration and they say because of that they get more rl's, but i am rare to believe it will help as much as around 50 extra rl's will and it be in att/fs/cl instead of food. Would love your thoughts, and thanks.

Never ever get involved in the game of trying to beat everyone else in pro. ImJustnoGoodAtThis is completely right. For barb/inca/chin you might find it worthwhile to get some food r/l later on in game. But NEVER get it early, especially to make yourself feel good in comparison to others.

Whether in standard, or in blitz, pro is only there to set yourself up for future. It is just as important to have r/l, and especially resources, as it is to have score. In fact I would emphasise people to ignore pro score. I would rather me a chin with 500k land and 2bn worth of goods (wine/iron) on PM than 700k land and completely broke....

Start up Guides » Byz start up Dec 2, 2010 08:03 AM (Total replies: 20)

Glen? You back in the fold?

Start up Guides » Byz start up Nov 30, 2010 07:52 PM (Total replies: 20)

I guess you are buying some tools on local right?

Anyway, thx for this

Changes/Suggestions » thief suggestion Nov 22, 2010 10:26 AM (Total replies: 4)

Definitely don't make that change.

The game is perfectly balanced in the way it manages thieves and cats i.e. the % of theives vs the discreet amount of army/cats.

If Boogie ever has the money to make further changes - or if someone else helps with PayPal, I would suggest weakened turks.

Incas could do with a small bonus. Chinese can be very powerful if played correctly. I have only seen Joost and Kroyan play them well in my time here though. Boogie in one round too - although not with quite the same domination as those other two.

General discussion topics » Illuminati Art Nov 18, 2010 10:30 AM (Total replies: 4)

I like it. Good talent there. Brings out the feeling well.

Civilization Basics » Byzantine Nov 16, 2010 03:31 PM (Total replies: 5)

I prefer wood byz

Quote: Pretend your empire is a snowball on a mountain. Each year is a rotation. Jan 1000 you have 60 explorers. Jan 1001 you want to have 90 explorers, Jan 1002 you want to have 200 explorers and so on. Each rotation put a little more snow (town centers and explorers on the ball) and by the time you reach the bottom of moutain you will see results.


Another thing to remember is that (other than maging) all the resources at your disposal should be targetted towards gaining land. Which means tcs, food, explorers.

People who sit there in pro boasting about how much gold they have are doing something wrong. If you have all your land built on, then use that gold to buy more food to send explorers. If you have land spare, sell the food and buy tools and build more toolmakers and get your toolmakers up to build on the spare land

This is especially true in first 2-3 years. Other than mong, you should have toolmakers at 0%, and you should be leveraging your wood/iron by selling it, getting tools in, building up your empire quicker.

Using the snowball example, all these resources are snow which shoudl be helping accumulate more snow. Not sitting in your hands being marvelled at.

That said, the toolmakers at 0% thing is probably something you should start doing once you are getting 1/2 to 2/3 the pro of the top players. Until then maybe put toolmakers at around 30% for whole of pro

Civilization Basics » Chinese Nov 16, 2010 07:01 AM (Total replies: 4)

Wine is also a recommended chinese economy.

I will stop commenting on all these now

Civilization Basics » Barbarian Nov 16, 2010 05:26 AM (Total replies: 2)

Again, speaking from a standard point of view - 500 r/l as a barb and you are unstoppable. But it will be a hell of an effort getting there.

The big decision to make is whether to hold or not. Broadly speaking I would not recommend going towers at any point. You really have 2 1/2 options:-

1) Full attack/cl/fort space research. Attack for 140 turns - mage (and produce wine) for 140 turns. And then freeland. This should get you around 30-40 research levels every run (i.e. every 2 days). So hopefully 3 weeks in you have a bad-ass 400 r/l barb.

2) Hold land - this is hard as a barb. Their defence isn't great. My recommendation would be to get some def and fort r/l. Attack for around 140 turns and then train up 5 sets of archers (30 turns) to leave yourself 50:50 macemen:archers. This will probably be a stronger def than all towers. It also allows you to pick off any freeland that crops up.

You have to hold this land for 24 hours - then you should be max - and can do a big mage/produce. This way you should be getting 50-60 r/l in your mages, but every 3 days.

3) Mixture of the above - Go full attack at first - get around 75 c/l, 75 attack, 50 fort space, 50 wine. With this 250 r/l you are pretty strong attacker. At this point you load up on resources and run top - mage 40 def, and go full archers. This MIGHT hold, although I wouldn't count on it.

Basically the point being, if you are going to win as a barb, there needs to come a point where you try and hold.

Tutorial area » Converting to army, to mage or tower. Nov 16, 2010 05:12 AM (Total replies: 2)

Quote: Turn great wall to 3%.

??? Random.

I always assumed that you just leave your wall at 20% - I'm 90% sure they don't use wood/iron/tools/wine if you have 100% wall.

I also know some people who suggest putting farms at 0% during winter. Can someone confirm there is no point in this either?

Civilization Basics » Turks Nov 16, 2010 05:07 AM (Total replies: 3)

Agreed with pretty much all that (I would tweak that research for standard though - 7 space, 3 market). Take 20 off losses, 15 off upkeep, and use the 5 you saved on market to give yourself 40 defence.

Broadly speaking, I would advise keeping attack r/l at around double that of fort space and def. This is a tactic which works if you are at/near the top. Means you should not be broken, but are able to fight back up if you are.

Finally, do not underestimate the value of your mong. You should make a ton of iron as a turk. Put every single piece of that iron on PM for you mong. Sell food on local for upkeep.

I personally sell iron at 50 to mong, and buy swords for min. That works well for both parties. But I don't know what other people do here.

Tutorial area » Attacking for dummies Nov 16, 2010 05:02 AM (Total replies: 1)

Just a quick point, in case real beginners are reading this - when Boogie says an empire looks 'fat' or 'sticks out' he means that they have a small score:land ratio.

Score is made up by land and army units. So low land, high score means that additional score is made up of army... bigger army, bigger defence.

Broadly speaking, score per unit of land will be around 3.3 towards the end of the game. This may be higher for civs that keep up a lot of forests (turks, zulu) or for byz who have protected their land well.

Anyway, if you look at the two barbarians boogie mentioned:-

11 player Barbarians 7,062,551 23,977,445

13 Player Barbarians 5,482,295 18,855,217

Do a quick calculation for #11. 7m * 3.3 = 23m. So this guy has 1m score in army - which is nothing. In a barbarian's case this is almost certainly 1m score in thieves - and so he is freeland.

#13 - 5.5m * 3.3 = 18m. So 900k in army - again this is likely thieves and he is likely freeland.

Start up Guides » Fernando the Red's Turk Nov 12, 2010 05:27 AM (Total replies: 0)

Yo. Since Glo's got deleted - I thought I would post my strat here. It won't be quite as detailed and doesn't get quite as good results (I think Glo was around 7.5m - this tends to be 7.3m). But it is better than nothing. I am doing it in blitz at the moment so no PM - although I will only do turn by turn until 1005 - and my pro will finish at 320 turns.

Boogie - I will just edit this post as I go along - it will take time I think but should be in place for next standard... first two years done.

Jan 1001

Set Food Production to Extremely High (This MUST NOT change until at least 1010)

Set toolmakers to 0%

Send explorers for Forest.

Queue 90 toolmakers

Use 3 turns

April 1001

Buy 104 tools (your # of tools before each turn should always be 6x your number of toolmakers. Adjust my guide as necessary to ensure this).

Queue 80 Woodcutters (top of queue)

Queue 40 Iron Mines (middle of queue)

Use turn

May 1001

Queue 24 iron mines

Queue 40 wood cutters

Toolmakers to bottom of queue

Buy 62 tools (up to 354)

Use turn

June 1001

Buy 78 tools

Queue max hunters

Use turn

July 1001

Explore all lands

Queue max iron mines (move to bottom)

Use turn

August 1001

Sell 400 iron

Buy 168 tools (should be up to 600 - with 100 toolmakers)

Cancel remaining iron mines

Queue max woodcutters

Queue 20 toolmakers

Queue max town centres

Use turn

September 1001

Queue max iron mines

Sell 500 iron

Buy 120 tools (to 720)

Use Turn

October 1001

Send Explorers for all land

Sell 300 iron

Buy 80 tools

Queue max hunters (about 10)

Queue 5 town centres

Use turn

November 1001

Queue max iron

Queue max hunter

Queue 2 town centres

Queue 20 tool makers

Use turn

December 1001

Explore all land

Max iron, max hunters

Sell 550 iron

Buy 120 tools (to 840 - with 140 tms)

Max town centres

Use turn

Jan 1002

Score: 16,723

Explore forests

Sell 300 wood

Sell 100 iron

Queue max hunters, iron mines

Queue max tcs

Use turn

(I got a no-land found here so you might be able to move ahead of my score - get more iron mines etc)

Feb 1002

Sell 100 wood, 200 iron

Max iron, max hunters

Max town centres

Use Turn

(Damn - another no land found)

March 1002

Sell 100 wood, 200 iron

Max hunters, max iron (always move these to the top)

Max tcs

Use turns

April 1001

(Note you are a tiny bit short of food for explorers - this is a mistake - it can probably be amended by searching All Lands in July 1001 - but I am not restarting!)

Sell 100 wood, 100 iron,

Max iron, max hunters

Max tcs

Explore Forest

Use turn

May 1001

Explore All Lands

Queue iron, hunters

Sell 430 iron

Buy 94 tools

Max tcs

Use turn

June 1001

Sell 200 wood 200 iron

Max iron max hunter

Max tcs

Explore forest

Use turn

July 1001

Max iron mines, hunters (these should always be on top of tcs in your queue)

Sell 200 iron

Max tcs

Explore forest

Use turn

(You have 268 explorers looking for land - You can have a maximum of 348 explorers. This is a little poor, but not too important - if you want to perfect the strategy then one or two of the 'all land' explores from earlier can be used as forest explores)

I also got a 3rd 'no land found' here - still no trips - so your score and spare resources should be slightly above what I list here.

August 1001

Sell 300 iron

Max hunters, iron mines

Queue 10 tool makers

Queue max tcs

Explore forest

Use turn

(First triple here - woot)

September 1001

Sell 300 iron

Buy 60 tools (should now be at 900 - with 150 tms)

Explore forest

Cancel all buildings (things are looking messy on that screen)

Max iron, max hunters

Max tcs

Use turn

October 1001

Sell 400 iron

Buy 91 tools

Max iron, hunters

I still have 7 tcs queued so have left them

Explore all land

Use turn

(You have 420 explorers looking for land. You can have a maximum of 420 explorers - this has now caught up - all is good again - I don't think too much was lost earlier)

November 1001

Sell 300 iron

Explore all land

Max tcs (move these top since you now have excess food)

Max hunters and iron mines

Set iron on auto trade to sell 150 iron.

Use turn

December 1001

Build 10 toolmakers

Explore all land

Max tcs

Jan 1002

Sell enough iron to buy yourself 260 tools (I think I sold 500 iron)

Max tcs

Explore all land

Feb 1002

Score: 25,253 - Lands 650 2,491 3,199

Feb 1002 is 25 turns - I am almost always at exactly 25k score here. This is a good marker. Hit this and you are doing well. It is possible to get to 25k a turn earlier and, with a bit of luck, 2 turns (but v difficult).

Changes/Suggestions » Offer Nov 1, 2010 10:20 AM (Total replies: 2)

I agree that turks are too strong now with the 1:1 conversion.

But I disagree with removing the iron bonus. I think we want to encourage mountains.

I would maybe suggest giving turks a disadvantage somewhere else - maybe a space disadvantage similar to vikings?

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