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General discussion topics » Google Oct 3, 2016 05:46 AM (Total replies: 8)

this link might help you with that. seems helpful at first glance.

Epic Warfare » Suggestions Sep 26, 2016 09:48 PM (Total replies: 9)

I could do the extra civs in a couple hours max. The hardest part about that is making sure what is changed is added in the attacking files. As for the alliance bonuses, I think the hardest part about that is just conceptualizing how I want to implement it. Just give me the go ahead and I will add those two things to top of my list.

Epic Warfare » Suggestions Sep 24, 2016 04:01 PM (Total replies: 9)

I like the idea of giving Oficial Alliances actual bonuses. It would make sense in "Medieval War". I think Alliance play was meant for it. I would match it with a few things though. Like make it so if you leave an alliance you suffer some kind of penalty. Just for starter I would make it a global 10% penalty for maybe the next 12 hours, as in -10% defense/attack and -10% to all production. I would make it so you can trade goods to alliance members for free. Also I could go farther and activate bonus/penalties when at war with another alliance.

General discussion topics » Google Sep 14, 2016 01:21 PM (Total replies: 8)

Why do you say that.

Epic Warfare » Test Server Name Sep 12, 2016 03:00 PM (Total replies: 0)

The name of the test server is currently Epic Warfare. Do you have a better name you think? Please respond in this post with a name or two. If we get enough response it will get put to a vote and may see the Test Server name get changed!

Epic Warfare » To Do List Sep 12, 2016 02:56 PM (Total replies: 1)

The first thing that comes to mind is the following. I want to Have the basic help files on the different civs be dynamically created. This is so we could change a civ or add one and it would automatically reflect those changes. Right now we have to manually edit the docs to match the changes.

Epic Warfare » To Do List Sep 12, 2016 02:54 PM (Total replies: 1)

I will post here changes I want to implement. By default there is no timeline for when any of these may be put in. They are just changes that Interest me and I am letting you all know.

Epic Warfare » Latest Changes Sep 12, 2016 02:50 PM (Total replies: 1)

I will just copy from "Whats New" to start off with.

For those interested, I have updated my Magecalc for this game.
I have cleaned up the messages UI. So far just recieved messages and sent messages. The rest will come as I get the ambition to do clean those up too. :)

I have added a new page, View Goods.

I added seperate page for viewing YOUR goods on pm because of the loading issues we were running into with thousands of groups of goods on the pm by round end. I also revamped how it handles withdrawing your goods and changing prices. You can also change ALL your food for example to 40 at once. You will only see one particular good at a time, after you select it. I hope you enjoy!

Management Page.
Rearanged the tables to be compact. Tweaked the weapon production table to be more vertical. It was making the page needlessly wide.

Ending Turns.
If you have Expert Mode active, you can now end up to 48 turns at once!

Aztecs have been changed.
Test them out to see if you figure out what! Once I am happy with the change, I will update the Documention!

Conquered RLs cap is 1000.
Over 1000 rls you will go from 75%-250%, (0.75x to 2.5x), of the grab values provided in the docs.

Epic Warfare » Latest Changes Sep 12, 2016 02:47 PM (Total replies: 1)

I will post any exciting changes I have implemented here.

Epic Warfare » Suggestions Sep 12, 2016 02:46 PM (Total replies: 9)

Post about your ideas in this section.

Epic Warfare » Epic Warfare Sep 12, 2016 02:44 PM (Total replies: 0)

If you you have topics related to Epic Warfare, post in in this Section.

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