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When I ran this game at hunt, I had the auto sell and withdraw all... what you have to do is limit the auto sell function to larger amounts of goods as the game goes on or there will be 100,000 lots of 2000 goods.. so it would take forever for someone to buy 2 mil food lol

I think I still remember how I done the code... I added an autopm database table and when each turn was taken I added the code after goods were used and local trade was done with the goods, the auto PM trade took over.

The code seen if they still had the goods after everything else was done and added it to the pm query.. if not, it threw a message in red that they didn't have enough goods to auto sell just like local...

I'll check to see if I still have the code..

Changes/Suggestions » Online combat, Acceptance rather than fix. Nov 21, 2012 04:38 PM (Total replies: 38)

There is several ways to stop camping:

#1 Attack percent goes down after being online a limited number of hours.. or log in's.. This can also be done with land taken percents.. also with production of goods/mage points...

#2 limit the online hits at the first of the rounds... if you couldn't hit anyone online the last few days, the game wouldn't be the same that last run and hold...

#3 start banning the campers.. pretty simple!! but have the rules set in stone and STICK to them!!

#4 make it use extra turns for hitting online players... You start using 6 extra turns to hit a player online and pretty soon you see it isn't worth it! ofcorse I wouldn't want this on the last day lol

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