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I think where is 3 importand changes of public market mechanics that can allow to improve teamplay and save time.

1) Put purchase orders (were mentioned a few topics below)

2) Augo sell to public market (put option instead of selling goods to public each turn manually - auto sell it to public market same way as it is on local.

3) Add button withdraw all items at once.

Lot of ppl use public as warehouse of their goods.

Actually if point 2 and 3 will be applied where will be possible to show in blits 20-30 bln land with franks.
mechanics if the following - at 200mln land and 500 rls (250 food, 200 expl, 45 market, 5 effectiveness) instead of normal exploring you start "crazy exploring runs" - that mean cycle of 550-600 turns:
- 250 turns mage run on all land you can use for it.
- 250 turns you make product run - produce only food and send it all to public. you should have several bln food and ~20m horses after that run on market.
- 20 turns - you rebuild your land - demolishing all buildings on plains and build only 2m TCs. After you bemolish loolmakers and keep only 10-20k left.
- Convert all free plains into forests and back to destroy 75% o you land and keep only land under TCs and 50k toolmakers.
- Withdraw all food and horses and send out 12m explorers.

That 12m explorers will find around 270m land and youll end up with 320m land after that run. If you explore normal way youll get only 280m land and 60-70 less rls. compare to that run. The more food- expl rls you gain each run the better exploring results youll get.
I made math that you can doouble your land this way in blits every 600 turns so by the end of game you can get ~15 bln land (and over 60bln score).

I tried exploring run I wrote above once. I confirm it works but there are 2 key problems.
Send out foods 300 times... withdraw it 300 times... it took me 2 hours cause internet were not fast and no wish to repeat it. Worst were withdraw - cause have to be freeland during that run.

Start up Guides » Viking protection strategy Aug 21, 2012 07:56 AM (Total replies: 6)

I can share some of my experience and give tips how to get max score under protection by Jan 2025 with max rls and explorers out.
My best result in Jan 1025 was 7,1m score with around 1,6m land (using local only).

So the tips:
1) Build woodcutters instead of hunders first 3-4 years (as long as you have not enouth population). Vikings suffer from not enouth population first 5-6 years if you use your resourse right. Woodutters provide more food by 1 worker compare to hunters (by selling wood and buying food on local).
2) Dont explore untill you build up whole land (first explorers only in March-April 1001.
3) Explore only all lands - convert all excessive plains into forests - excessive plains is plains you dont need for toolmakers, town centers, mage towers, markets, warehouses and houses. You can start convert land before sending out explorers.
4) Get food rls first up to 80-100 (depends on your plans after protection). Get also 5 space efectiveness (1 effectiveness after every 20 food rls).
5) mage tower should cover around 10% of your land. you finance mage towers and land conversion from selling iron. All excessive resourses you sell each turn and send our explorers).
6) Keep as low toolmakers as you need just to build up whole land you explore exh turn. Also use cycle of buildings - build more mage towers during winder months cause that time you find less land.
7) First 100-150 turns play each turn. After you can use 2 turns at once (but keep in mind if decrease your expl effectiveness a bit and alltogether you get around 4% less land at the end of proteciton).

The rest in exploring is the same as for other civs.

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