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Tutorial area » A little guidance needed. May 4, 2012 05:55 AM (Total replies: 2)

So, I bombed my first Byzantine start up, deleted, and started again. What I'd like some help with is what numbers I should be aiming for in a Protection Run and my first run out of Protection. Here are some numbers and stuff...

20,639,324 score and 18,215,946 population
188 rLs (168 mine, 10 space, 10 market)
4,506,731 total land (44% mountain, 56% plains)
By the end of my protection run, I was sending out ~30k explorers(30% for plains, 70% for mountains)
I demolished all hunters and wood cutters, then converted all forest to plains early on(can't remember when exactly)
I ran zero farms for most of protection. Later, I started building farms to relieve the pressure on my gold mines(around 200 turns left in Protection I think)
I kept my mage at around 1 rLs/3.5 turns. I let it slip to 1 rLs/5.97 turns for the last 200 or so turns in a mad dash to keep max explorers going out each time.
I made the mistake of clicking the 12 button as opposed to the end turn button twice...
I had 98 million gold, 82% warehouse capacity, 98% housing capacity at my last turn of Protection. My next turn I would be sending out more explorers.

That's it for the wall of text. If listing specific things I had built would help, I can post that too.

Has anyone seen my mind? I think I've lost it.

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