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Changes/Suggestions » Pro Runs Feb 1, 2012 06:07 PM (Total replies: 4)

Pro is the most fun for many people... maybe shorten it a bit, but I disagree with simply allowing people to ctrl V it.

Changes/Suggestions » Weapon cost rebalancing Feb 1, 2012 06:05 PM (Total replies: 44)

Quote: Absolutely. So many rounds I just sit there thinking, ummm, why didn't they do this? Or why not that? That Turk round, I should not have won. But they at the very least, did not split their alliances up to land share which many would have so can commend them on that. Point being, yes for sure if there were any real players there, I should not have won that round. Amen, Leuww, Kano?, and the Russians, while being above average players, certainly are nothing to write home about. I think the main factor to that is, while I was making everything myself running basically a solo Turk, I certainly wasn't solo in the sense that I had a partner Chin who can certainly keep the competition at bay.

In regards to maths in the game, it is hard to argue with you or Radikaal, especially when you are butting heads.
I certainly agree with your opinion that the best player should win. Too long here suggestions were based on bringing the competition? closer together. You shouldn't be punished for learning the game more than others, they should learn how to play better.

In regards to my stories, they were purely because some muppet? was in here suggesting that everything should be changed because they didn't know how to make weapons with any civ that wasn't a Mongol. My point was merely that if you have to do it, you find a way and can be successful. The more outside the box you think, the more surprise factor you have giving you a huge advantage.

Personally, I think you are set in stone in regards to your opinion, so just push it through. I certainly hold my own in the maths stakes, but I learnt long ago not to waste too much time checking your data, as it would be just that, a waste of my time...
What is the worst that could happen?
--- Original message by Grand Larceny on Jan 4, 2012 04:31 AM
Just read through this thread and you seem to constantly speak about that round like it proves your genius.

As far as I remember it, Leeuw was playing with Joost and Piero, they were way way ahead of your Turk and your horribly camping chin buddy Ledi (tbf you weren't camping much), adn that European team was outplaying about 9 Russians.

It was only a deal between Ledi who (unsurprisingly) was online during the Russians' cat run and the Russian catters that freelanded Leeuw, Joost and Piero which allowed you and Ledi to run top.

Talking about it like a moment of tactical genius is wildly misleading.

Which actually isn't an attempt to say you're not good. It's just an attempt to distinguish between your ego and actual game strats.

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