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December 2015

Dec 22, 2015 02:23 PM
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Kansas Economy
Looking at the numbers and a few simple changes and a couple of enormous moves can makes Kansas a strong and viable economy. First and foremost Sam Brownback the governor of Kansas must make a move to shake up an outdated U.S. corporate tax code. The last change to the U.S. corporate tax code was in 1986. Moving it to astronomical 39% this is uncompetitive and destructive in todays economy. The Kansas corporate tax rate is a very competitive and reasonable rate of 4% . Brownback must bring legal action against the U.S. government to change their hostile tax rates because this a detriment to individual states. States can only be so competitive with this hanging over their head. This is an enormous hurdle to overcome but not out of the realm of being a realistic fight that can be won. This is a sore spot in all states and I believe would gain tremendous momentum given the chance.
2nd the individual tax rate in Kansas is far too low. As of 2013 the individual tax rate went from 6.3 % to 6.1%. A loss of about 400 million in money from collected taxes. I believe the tax rate should be an even 7% and 7.5% for people making over 120K a year. These would really be unnoticeable changes to most people of about $600 a year and up to $5000 a year to the high end. This would generate and additional 1.4 billion to 1.7 billion in additional revenue for the state. This is not enormous tax hike and with additional income generated through taxes this could be funneled into to social services an transportation to create more jobs and this in turn will add additional income to the coffers.
With this additional money I would funnel the money into transportation , as of now Kansas spends about 7.2% of their income on transportation which is about 800-850 million a year of the state revenue. Put 3% of the additional income into Transportation for upgrading our roads, sewers, electric grids and other needed public services . This will add jobs and improve the overall state for companies looking for places to grow their companies. An effective infrastructure is a must to lure prospective businesses to Kansas. This would take about 600 million of the added 1.4 billion in taxes.
Now for the rest of the additional resources I would fix the medicaid fraud problem. Kansas spends 18.5% of their resources on Medicaid alone. This is about 3 billion dollars. These are much needed resources that are often abused by unsavory people. I propose taking the additional funds and spreading them throughout the states 105 counties. This is around 800 million at approx 80 mil per county. Of course this number can be adjusted per capita. Medicaid fraud is about 10-20% which is around 300-600 million of the state budget on fraud. With the money given to each county from the additional tax revenue this money could go to hire many more social workers who in turn will be used to find and prosecute people found of medicaid fraud. This will be two fold. One you have an enormous job creation service with much of the money going into salaries that will be in turn put back into the economy. This will also reduce medicaid fraud by 5-10% perhaps more. This additional money not lost from fraud will in turn pay for the services the money was put into to stop the fraud. The state now has added jobs, cut down fraud and basically be in the black with the money not lost from fraud. Then in turn you put this money into more transportation and would create more jobs.
These are all common sense changes that would gain public support if people knew the extra taxes would be put into things the believe they should be used on. Making out social services more reliable and less vulnerable to fraud and a better and more reliable infrastructure. Now with these changes in place Kansas becomes a much more attractive place to place a business. Kansas is an geographically dominant place in the United States when it comes to shipping and cost of living. Shipping costs would be half of any company on either cost and astronomically lower than any place outside the U.S. China is in the midst of an enormous capital flight with companies and money leaving at a ridiculous pace. This money and companies are looking for cheap labor, low shipping costs and most importantly low tax rates. Kansas offers all 3 but has the Federal governments ridiculous tax code hanging over their head stopping states from the rights as individuals to improve their individual economies. The 39% corporate tax rate in one of the 10 highest in the world. That is saying 90% of the world has more competitive tax rates. Cannot and are not competing because of this code.
Kansas is ripe for growth. Minor changes in our individual tax rate and and enormous shift in greed from Washington can make Kansas a manufacturing hub.
March 2014

Mar 14, 2014 11:13 AM
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Basketball Plays for March 14th
Lately I have been watching a lot of basketball and hockey waiting for baseball season to start. I ran across several sites where they give their daily picks for the best basketball players and hockey players of the day. I play with several of my friends on a daily basis , we have a 15 man league and each day we all put $1 in a pot and pick the best teams and the winner gets the cash. So from here until I get bored I will be posting my best plays of the day. Cannot promise I will post everyday , since I have the attention span of a 2 year old but will give a whirl.
Today I have two games I am targeting in basketball that I think will prove to be fantasy gold. Indiana and Philadelphia and San Antonio and Los Angeles Lakers. They will probably both be blowouts so this can be dangerous but I believe they will each produce great plays. I have a 60k salary cap to work with.

My PG's are...

Kemba Walker is my number 1 PG of the day. He is at home and has Ricky Rubio guarding him. This is just too juicy.

Kyrie Irving is my number 2 PG. Curry is slowed down and Irving is on a roll. End of story.

My SG's are...

Manu Ginobili is my SG. He has averaged around 25 fantasy points at Fanduel in the last 8 games. The Lakers are the 3rd worst against SG's in last 5 games. Love the match up.

Austin Rivers is my other SG. I had to have a cheap player on my team because of salary cap issues and Rivers has been hot. He is twice the players Brian Roberts is and he is getting more minutes and producing.

My SF's are...

Paul George in my SF. Philadelphia is awful everywhere but they are especially awful at SF. Trevor Ariza and Rudy Gay destroyed Philly lately and so will Paul George.

Kawhi Leonard is my other SF. He is under priced on Fanduel and is a top 5 SF in my opinion and the Lakers are the worst against SF in the last 5 games.

My PF's are..

Anthony Davis is my PF. With Aldridge out and Robinson starting I think the Brow will have 32 and 17 tonight, much like his destruction of Denver a few nights ago. He is also averaging 57 fantasy points a game the last 4 games. WOW.

Boris Diaw is my other PF. He is cheap and I have little money left. He will get 25-30 minutes tonight and the Lakers are awful on the inside. I suspect 25-30 fantasy points.

My Center is..

Roy Hibbert is my C. Again I have money issues because of salary cap but Philly is the worst in the league against centers this year and 2nd worst last 5 games.

Other players I like tonight.


Damian Lillard, Tony Parker and George Hill


Klay Thompson,Keven Martin and Eric Bledsoe..Love Bledsoe


Lebron James of course, Trevor Ariza and Matt Barnes.


Blake Griffin, David West and Kenneth Faried.


Brooke Lopez, Chris Bosh and Tim Mozgov.

Mar 4, 2013 12:22 AM
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New 1000 Ad and its Appeal to All Ages
In the early days of video gaming, war games we considered by many to be time wasters as they could be lots of fun but offered little to no educational value. The game mechanics of average war games were pretty basic and focused more on elements such as graphic and storyline. But dive into a good online war game and you will realize there is a lot depth and strategy involved. Here is a few reasons a game like New 1000 AD is good for all ages.

Fully Gameplay Focused

With a text-based game,you won't have to worry about violent content that can turn away younger audiences. Players are instead encouraged to use their imagination on how the scenes are portrayed. The lack of graphics also means that the overall gameplay is more emphasized,which is good because New 1000 AD is an online war game where lots of strategy is involved.

Exercise Your Problem Solving Skills

Mastering most types of game requires a lot of practice in certain areas.For instance, some games may require good reflexes while other games require more precision. But turn-based strategy games such as New 1000 AD can be treated much like a chess game where you can take as much time as you like in planning your strategy. So many things need to be taken into consideration, including diplomacy, where playing smart can lead you to victory. It becomes more like a puzzle where you have to figure out which civilization suits your playing style. Then you have to master the art of resource management since you have to create buildings in the game too. The decisions can mimic real life decision making, which makes this online war game even more compelling to the masses.

Challenge Real Players

In standard strategy war games, you have to outsmart the AI and while that can be tough, depending on the way the AI is coded,nothing can beat the unpredictable nature of a human player. Since New 1000 AD is focused on online multiplayer gaming, you get a chance to face some seasoned players that will put your skills to the test. If you believe you have what it takes, you feel the real thrill in overcoming tough opponents. Younger folks who are new to the game can challenge other beginner opponents so they can learn how to play and still have fun.

Always Up-to-Date

New 1000 AD shares the same benefits as other browser-based online games where you are certain that you are playing the latest version of the game. The game developers can make updates based on player feedback to improve the game balance or possibly add new features and anti-cheat mechanisms. There is also forum where you can discuss your own thoughts and strategies regarding the game with other active players. Player of all ages are allowed in the forum.
February 2013

Feb 24, 2013 12:49 PM
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Great memories of online war game
Looking back in my memories today a particular Standard round in 2005 came to my mind. I was in an alliance with DR,Rumbustification, Cerebus, LXC, Spank,Alchemist,Atlantis,Urrgath and myself. We went into round with every intention of whipping Terror Palace and proving we were best alliance in the game. There we 3 big alliances at the time Terror Palace who just basically dominated the game , Dark Sun and ourselves. We were Phoenix Knights but we eventually just combined with the alliance Roman General to make STYX AND PALS. Fun alliance.
Turns out the basic core of Terror Palace decided not to play that round. Petya and Lumen are only ones who decided to play that round. We allied with Dark Sun right away. Terror Palace beat us so bad all the time we just eventually had one of those your enemy is our enemy relationships. Pedder was leader that round. They had The Scum, Weapons of Mass Destruction,Bospar,Leeuw,Judgement Dave,Jibai,SP and Grapes of Wrath.
We dominate the rest of the game only weak alliances like Hyperion, Ghostriders and alliances like that we playing and Lumen and Petya solo. The whole game jumped on them so they didnt matter that round. About 3 weeks into a 4 week round Peddler tells me he wants to unally. They have top 6-7 spots. Im 8 ,Dr 9 etc. I know what will happen. They have more research,more land and frankly better players. DR,RUM and I carried the alliance. The rest were just fun guys to hang with. We are going to get slaughtered.
I am leader of alliance and DR is brains of alliance. He always thinks you win by outsmarting people and diplomacy. I believe in blunt force trauma. After telling the alliance what they wanted to do they pretty much resigned to their fate. I came up with plan to at least give us chance. I had 618 research and was Chinese, I was a deadly weapon. I wasn't giving up.
So I go to Peddler and Peddler only on MSN. His job to tell his alliance not mine. I know they are all in North America besides Bospar,WMD and Leeuw. I tell him 4 am central time saturday morning we unally. I know there is no way they are waking up at 4 am saturday morning to play a silly game. My entire alliance is in Europe except DR. Thats prime time for them. To my shock an glee he agrees. Everyone is told of the unally, only thing is Peddler didn't mention time to them. The massacre is on. I tell my alliance we attack at 4:01 am.
Saturday morning 3:55 am my alarm goes off. Im ready for online war. I log in and Spank and Cerberus only ones from my alliance on. Bospar is only one of from Dark SUN. They have three Japs and I know they have catapult research. So they have to go first. WMD is on like 11 mil land I have 15 mil land. I hit him fast because I know Bospar will text his friends or something when I attack. Knock him down and Spank hits him and Cerebus. Then I go after Leeuw, eat him fast. Bospar is online at about 25 mil land I have 25 mil land. He sends some message to me, I open it up and its in Russian. I don't speak Russian. I sent him message back that said I don't speak Russian but I love to eat Russian Land. Destoyed him in 3 hits. Now Im taking 5 mil a hit which is quite a bit in Standard.
Suddenly all of DS comes on. Jibai,SP,Peddler Judgement Dave and GOW. The gigs up. Spank just goes offline. He gives up. DR logs on about this time, Rum also. I have a 5 minute grace period before DS can attack me. So its time to go on a spree. I wipe them out one by one quick. Im at 100 mil land fast but running low on resources. 4th round ever. My theory of blunt force trauma doesn't take into account supplying an army for long runs at this point in my game. Anyway, Jibai last to be eaten. I take huge land grabs off him in 3 hits. I have 200 fort,200 attack and 100 conquer land. Im unstoppable in Standard.
Im at 140 mil land next guy has 60 mil land . They destroy my alliance at the 6 minute mark. My alliance is pissed at me. Bospar homelessed Spank fast. So Im out of turns at 6 hr mark and can't fill my forts. Im dead I know it but Im in 1st !!! They broke my defence and knocked me down to 5 mil land and homelessed me. I started to rebuild and WMD homelessed me while rebuilding. Then Scum caught me and Leeuw also. So I waited. 280 turns. I rebuild in 75 turns. I have 210 turns. I cant win but Leeuw,WMD and SCUM got what was coming to them, that round and several rounds after that. SCUM HATES ME !!
Anyway, that was my favorite round of all time. I have so many good rounds though . A simple and fun addiction.


Feb 13, 2013 11:47 PM
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Great turn based game
I have come across several online games and have spent countless hours on the internet playing my favorite games. One of the advantages of playing all these games in I get a real good idea of what is good and what isnt. Or least I like to think so.
New 1000 ad is a great treat to online game lovers. People can unlimited fun playing this game if they love turn based games. The best part about playing these games is not only do they have fun playing turn based games but they are able to enhance their strategic thinking skills. New 1000 Ad is one of the best turn based games I have come across online. This is a multiplayer game that allows you to interact with players from around the world online. You will also use your diplomatic skills with the alliance angle of the game. You can play this game in real time with real players the game becomes so much more interesting than playing against computers who have preplanned moves and reactions.
There are two versions of this turn based game namely Standard and Blitz games. The standard version runs a 28 days round with new turns being awarded every 9 minutes.The Blitz game has a 21 day round with new turns being awarded every 3 minutes. Both turn based games give excellent opportunities for players to improve their mathematical skills.Besides the two gaming options you can also relive history by choosing from one of the 10 civilizations. Turks ,Byzantine, Incas, Chinese, Japanese, Franks, Barbarians, Mongols, Vikings and Zulus.
People that love turn based games and online war games in general are gradually getting hooked on New 1000 AD. Which allows players to try so many different strategies. New 1000 AD is also one of the safest online war games you will come across. You dont have to download any software to your computer. You can play this game safely from any part of the world since the game is 100% browser based.
You can also interact with players with the in game chat function. Chat with older players about strategies or set up attack runs with team mates. There are tons of tutorials in the forums and the new player tutorial. The video tutorials also help players learn the game faster and have more fun. As a person learns the various civilizations and tries all the different strategies the game becomes even more interesting. People just need to try this game for themselves and see it isnt like other online war games. The game has kept me awake at night thinking about how to get more research, how to explore for more land , how to dominate the market. It gets under your skin.
The best part of New 1000 AD is not only is it a great turn based game it is also free. People can make a free account and play as long as they like. One problem is have a bad chance of getting addicted if you really enjoy turn based games with live competition.

Feb 26, 2011 10:44 AM
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Heart Attack !!!
What a week. About 7 days ago I started feeling a little light headed and nauseous quite often. Just thought maybe it was some side effects from the diverculitis I had a awhile back. So on monday I started to wonder if maybe it was a bit more. I was able to get a doctor appointment for monday afternoon.
I went in and told doctor my symptoms and about the diverculitis. They put me on an ekg machine to check my heart and came back aces. So doctor deciced it wasnt anything to do with my heart but to be safe she scheduled a heart stress test for me on wednesday. I went home monday night and started to feel kind of bad.
Tuesday morning I woke up and started to do my usual daily chores I do before I go to work on a daily basis. I started feeling extremly weak. I decided to lay down on couch for a bit to catch my breath. I laid on couch for about 3 hours. Short breath and my left arm went completely numb for about 20-30 seconds. Scared me to death. I told my wife I think I just had a stroke. She said no way, and I kind of agreed that it must have been my imagination. So I got off couch and continued my day. I went shopping, did some yard work etc. Kept quite busy all day. Didnt go to work that day because was still feeling crappy .
Wednesday morning my heart test was scheduled at 11:30 am. I showed up at hospital at 11 am. Sat in waiting room for 45 minutes before I finally got it. Whole time, chest was hurting badly. They finally got me in and told me doctor had a meeting to go to and they would have to reschedule my appointment for the next week. At this point I know something isnt kosher with my heart. I told them, I need to see another doctor asap because I think something is wrong.
Im 39 and they looked at me like I was an idiot for suggesting I might be having heart problems but since I have insurance, they sent me to emergency room. I walked in and told them I was having chest pains. They put me in a room and took my blood pressure. 143/117 that is stroke area. So they started to get a bit worried. They put me on ekg and I passed that with flying colors. They also took my blood. ER doctor came and said he didnt think anything was wrong with me and maybe I had a case of the flu or a stomach virus.
At this point I lost my mind on these people. I know what the flu feels like and it was the flu. He said "well Im going to send you home because I cant find anything wrong with you". About 5 minutes later the same doctor came in and said after the cardilogist checked your blood he thinks something maybe wrong. I asked what , he said eityher you have heart disease or you had a heart attack.
The cardilogist came in and said I had had a heart attack the previous day and I was in big trouble. Great news. They found significant blockage in my heart valve. Told me if they didnt get nme on operating table right away I would be dead with 6-12 hours from a massive heart attack. So next thing I know Im on a operating table and getting a heart cath. This is where they go in through your groin to get to your heart.
The most painful thing I have ever had done. The heart attack was nothing compared to the procedure to fix it. So i went through that crap and now Im home after 3 days in hospital. Got to quit smoking and watch my diet and no have to pay for enough prescriptions to choke a pig. Doctor said my valve was 99.9% blocked. Wouldnt have lived very long like that and got super lucky. Anyway. That was my week.

Feb 5, 2011 11:11 AM
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Super Bowl Shuffle
I wish I could say I was pumped up about this game but cant lie. I despise both teams and wish there was a way both could lose. Since that isnt possible I will give my last prediction of the football year. I think by picking the Cowboys to win every game this year and them going 5-11 , I have built credibility. :)
First factor has to be experience. There is little doubt that been there done that is huge in a Super Bowl enviroment. Steelers obviously are a playoff tested team, the Packers are at their first rodeo. When the bright lights hit and the crowd roars, I have to believe the Packers will be shell shocked even for a minute. A few key mistakes early will set the tone.
Second factor is I dont trust Green Bays tackles. The Steelers put pressure on the ends and I dont think those tackles can handle what the Steelers bring. James Harrison will have big day so will Lamar Woodley. Just too much heat, too much talent. Blitzes will be the difference. Aaron Rodgers gets concussions and the Steelers give concussions.
I do like Green Bays defence against the Steelers offence. Key will be Mendenhal. I think he will come out on fire like he did against the Jets and big the difference. Can you say Super Bowl MVP ? I think the Packers defence is soft in certain spots and one of those spots is toughness.
Final Prediction ? Steelers 24 Packers 13. Wont be that close, Packers wont score TD till late in 4th in quarter. Wouldnt be suprised if Matt Flynn finishes the game. Im hoping Im worng and they both lose but doubtful.
September 2010

Sep 27, 2010 10:11 AM
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Hoping for 200 accounts this round
I would like to see 200 made accounts by the end of the round. New 1000 AD is starting to become an obsession which cannot be good. Hope we can get 75 active players before the end of the round. That would be a good thing for a 3 month old site. I wonder how well we will do in search engines this coming month.
We are on page 1 of several searches involving text based games but text based games arent that popular anymore. Which I can inderstand, xbox looks better than atari. What I dont understand is peoples definition of stategy game. Most games advertised as strategy games are really nothing more than glorified scavenger hunts. Although this game is text based and not as flashy as 95% of games on internet, it is a true strategy game.
People actually have to think in this game. Cacualte your next move, make sure you have enough resources for attack runs, mage runs etc. Caculate defences and try to run at safe times. This game is about strategy. When this game was put online years ago it had to be way ahead of its time.
Anyway, Im 100 % positive this game will reach the goal of 200 active players by the 1st of the year. With the new training alliances in the game, I would gues they will put 10-15 players per game into the community. This game doesnt need 1000's to be excellent but it really does need about 50 more to make it extremely fun. Fingers crossed that New 1000 AD gets the 200 accounts this round.

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