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Good game. Glo wins again. Started 400 turns late and hit max turns twice without playing so there's a full run gone - np. Bambuzya (Zulu) got owned and couldn't even drop me after he got taken down and then ended up deleting instead of competing. tachak? lol. decent job getting to #1 and staying there for a while but that's about it - after he got dropped he didn't have a chance getting back up. Anyway, that's all for now. Oh but here are pro run results (150 food research and rushed.) Doesn't matter if 700+ people are playing (like back in 2005/2006) or only 10 - really not many in history do this anywhere. Archangel, Zombie, v, MaPaT, megapolis, Versus, maybe a couple other Russians, and then Phoenixx, Lumen, DR, Radikall, Chaos, Kano, oracle, and Tem. That's about it. All I care to think of right now. If you can do it, good for you i'm impressed.

Anyone know the Mongol Ameucm?!? He played decent. More impressive than the top 2 Russian players anyway. Oh and no hurt feelings over the online hits to those who didn't know it was me. :) I usually don't hit you guys online anymore. :) My how things have changed. =)) November 2005 - Glo, Chinese, first run out of pro on 45 mill land with 500 rls. Alliance (Airs Thin Up Here) I called the round before game started saying we would beat Fallen Angels and that's what happened. qq... I believe shortly after that Slippy won 3 in a row. 500-700 accounts all day. Standard had what 1.5k-2k? Even more way back when. I'll bet this game is so special it gets back to that someday. :) Anyone wanna bet? Nahh... :) Someone introduce this game to MIT. :) Going to take off you watch. A talent that you can use anytime (your mind) - like Chess, just funner. Oh and Glo doesn't cheat yet somehow manages to beat most Russians virtually every time I play the game. You can't compete with flawless technique. Anyone see Pharrell today in the UK? that's my boy. In his 40's and like wow... the mirror. Anyway, here's pro run. Have fun. Better results are possible.

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