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Good game. Was fun. Solo Zulu - never used PM and made all my own resources/weapons. Pretty much ran an all X-bowmen army the entire round because InCo would have raped me had I used Pikemen. I knew they were stockpiling resources - sure enough, I log in and click game stats - 400+ billion gold - 150 million horses and 500+ million wine. Thought for sure they would have at least tried me. :) I didn't fall for it though. I'm sure they were hoping/expecting I would have used turns and then they were going to try. I finished the round with max turns. Didn't camp during the round at all really. Didn't have to. I know this game far too good and knew InCo & Woden would have had to "break the bank" to even get me down to begin with. Had it happened wouldn't have had much trouble going back up. 85 attack and 125 FS would have been enough vs InCo and 0 defense rls.

I'm bored so probably will play next round too, solo again. Not sure what civ. Good luck.

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