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Posted: Feb 1, 2017 03:54 PM          Msg. 1 of 4
Just wondering where landsharing sit with the new rules? I just ask because it seems to be commonplace in the games at the moment.

This standard game 2002 and tachak, tachak clearly fed food to 2002 out of pro so he could get some land, 2002 has been making swords and gold for them while tachak has been making wine and horses. Then today tachak parks his army so 2002 can take his land?

Last blitz game I Love New York, tachak and Bambuzya were all helping each other throughout the game to try and bring Blitz down. I don't think Bambuzya took any land off the others but he was the hammer and the others followed him up took his land to mage and resource run.

Does this fall under, if the code allows it then it is okay?

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Posted: Feb 4, 2017 03:44 AM          Msg. 2 of 4
Standard and Blitz are 2 different games, 2 different servers.

It has always been my stance, that the biggest issues with the games, are admins, with rules. I have always believed an admins role should be to answer questions, and effectively be a glorified lounge mod.

My personal stance, is that feeding, landsharing, are huge blights on the game. However, once you bring in an admin to remove that from happening, by opinion, is just opening up a big can of worms.

I believe any game play issues, need to be coded out. Whether that happens efficiently or not, is not as big an issue as admins going rogue on players for playing in a way that is disliked.

Outside of that, it is the landsharers, freelanders, and feeders, that ran everybody away all those years ago, and the only ones to remain playing.

Also, def rls are your friend.

That being said, the first thing I wished to do when becoming admin for blitz, was removing the silly rules, at least most of the gameplay ones.
The rest of the issues, can be worked out through discussion. There is already code ready to be put back into the game that will help with a lot of issues.
There is code being looked at to revamp the public market system.

Best way to change the game and the way people play, is to bring up coding changes to combat landfeeding, army parking and such.

As for suggestions of rules, and breaking them, the forums are not the place. Claims of cheating, are really not looked upon in a positive light, especially when there is no rules.

Here are the Blitz rules:
Account Restrictions
In order to preserve fair competition, each player is limited to one (1) account in each of our three league games, allowing for a total of three accounts in all of 1000AD. If the Game Admins detect more than one account being played from the same location, they will message you and ask you to delete all but one of your accounts.

If you play from the same location as another player (ie, family member, roommate, or if you play from a library or cyber cafe) you must message the Game Admins at the start of every round, making sure to include the empires that will be playing from the same location, their empire numbers, and the reason you are all playing from the location. Game Admins refer to these situations as "Shared IPs".

Because "Shared IP" situations are very precarious, such players are prohibited from attacking each other, trading with each other, and aiding each other.

Other things you MUST NOT do include:
You shall bear responsibility of everything that happens in your account. Any questionable actions will be charged towards the account owner.

Note: Most of these rules do not apply to test game.

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The use of proxies to play the game will not be tolerated. We realize that there are certain instances where users are forced to connect to a proxy for web access and those instances will be allowed. Any use of public proxies will result in deletion per the admins discretion.

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Hacking is strictly prohibited, which includes any attempt to hack into other players account or the server.

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Inappropriate Message
You can be warned or deleted for displaying:
Offensive pictures
Naked people
Pornographic material (will result in immediate deletion no questions asked!)
Abusive words
Links to anything else derogatory
Html tags
Racist comments
Threatening other players in game
This is a game meant to be played by people of all ages, so please do try to keep everything posted in the Game forums and in the ingame Lounge at least PG-13.

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Ingame Information
Please do not reveal ingame information on the public forums, lounge or alliance info page. This refers specifically to tactical information about your enemies. If you want to reveal such information to your allies or to the rest of your alliance, or to anyone in the game, use the ingame message system or alliance forums.

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Bug Reporting and Exploitation
If you somehow come across a bug, flaw or any other sort of exploit in the game, please inform the Game Admin as soon as possible, and make a post in the Bug Report section of the forums if it is not too sensitive. If you are found abusing a bug knowingly, you will be banned.

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Game Staff Impersonation
Anyone impersonating any of the Game Staff will meet a painful end to their gaming experience!

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If you suspect anyone of cheating, do not post your accusation in the public forums or the lounges. Message your Game Admins or email them. Accusations posted in public will not be investigated. They will be deleted, and the player who made the accusation may be banned from the game, the lounge, or the Game forums.

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Abuse of Players and Staff
Offensive and abusive personal attacks directed toward either players or the Game Staff are not tolerated. Constructive criticism of administrators is encouraged as most of our Game Admins are now former players who have volunteered to administer the games in order to keep 1000AD running.

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Technical and human error will likely occur at some point in your game if you choose to stay and play consistently. Naturally, such errors may set back your empire. Efforts will be made to ensure that such occurences are relatively innocuous and that players are not unduly penalized. However, beyond that, specific requests for any sort of reimbursement will be ignored.

As you can see, landsharing is not a rule. Look at rule 8 though.


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Posted: Feb 4, 2017 05:16 AM          Msg. 3 of 4
Your comments sound reasonable, It would be good to code out cheating as much as possible, if players get banned at the moment there will be non left to play!!

As for landsharing it should be possible to code out as you have mentioned in another post supply/demand markets, and limit the use of aid or price based markets to alliance members.

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Posted: Feb 5, 2017 12:49 AM          Msg. 4 of 4
The parking army thing, is a little tricky. The land taken code change, will do a little bit of that, as it is harder to get land off a defended empire, and easier off an undefended one. So parking army, will give less land, although, would just mean an extra hit or so to counter it.

The PM though, with a bonus to alliances, would help a little.

Comes down to code as much as possible, have as few rules as possible. Landfeeders, landsharers, feeders, have had my complete hatred from a playing point of view since the beginning. But that won't overpower my belief that rules shouldn't be needed to restrict gameplay, as even if it goes against the spirit of the idea of the game, it doesn't take away from the need to push the boundaries of efficiency of the best way to play that the code allows.

On reflection, I believe there was something else to tackle the army park, and if there wasn't, something just popped into my head.

Don't like saying stupid things, so let me reflect on this thought for a little while before making it public and open for discussion, to make sure it is a real idea, even if this forum is just an intimate dinner for 2 as it appears... :)

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