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What would be the point in having lots of land in your empire that your not using? keeping it off your enemys wont help for long.

Firstly to build you need three things.
-> Spare Land
-> Builders
-> Tools+Resources

If you dont have land then either explore or attack. Each building has a different amount of land needed. A house is usually 2 plains (civ dependant). If you have no free plains you will not be able to queue or build any houses.
If you have spare forest land you dont need you can convert the forest into plains (and visa versa) in the 'Management' page. You can not convert mountains - as mountains provide iron and gold which are the main ways in which gold gets traded within the game.


If you dont have many builders then you need more Toolmakers. Each toolmaker will provide you with about 5 builders.
Each Builder can place Either one wood OR one iron per month. For a mage tower thats 100 builders (50 wood, and 50 iron, per mage tower)
But each builder will need some tools. One tool per builder. If you look at the buildings page at the bottom you can see how many builders you have in the population info box at the bottom. You can also see how many builders you need to build a set of buildings at the top of the page

Iron Mine - 6 - 1 turns (36 builders) - Cancel | Hold | Move To Top | Move To Bottom

The first column is what you are building.
The second is the number of that building you have queued.
The third is how many turns it will take to build, with the number of builders needed in brackets.
Everything else is your options of editing the build queue.

Total: 4,066 Your total population
Working: 3,636 Number of people working on production
Construction Workers: 430 To get more construction workers, build tool makers
Wall Builders: 0 Number of your construction workers working on great wall.
You do not have enough people for your production.
You need additional 454 people.

Extra House Space: 10,934 How many more people your houses can fit

As you can see i have 430 builders (construction workers). I would only need 36 tools if i only wanted to build those iron mines.

However i also have 30 more wineries queued. Each costing 4 iron and 12 wood (16 builders each) - Thats a total of 480 builders needed, as i only have 430, and have also got iron mines above in the queue im 86 builders short - thats 6 wineries which will not be built. Although you will have enough builders to partially build one of those wineries. This uses up small amounts of wood and iron, so if you wish to cancel that building you will not receive all the resources you put in, but if you continue construction you will need fewer builders to complete that building.


To add buildings to your building queue you will need wood iron and gold.
Eah building costs a different amount of iron and wood, the amount usually relating to the benefits of that building (mage towers cost alot, houses not so much).
A house costs 4 Wood, 0 Iron and 100 gold.
A mage tower costs 50 Wood, 50 Iron and 2000 gold.

The Build Queue

The build queue is how you want to build your buildings. You may be in urgent need of iron, and so you want to move those to the top of the queue. To do this click the 'Move to the top' link on the same line as 'iron mines'.
You may have lots of spare mountain land, but no resources for iron mines. As your in desperate need of iron it may be worth cancelling the construction of another building, for example town centers, and use the resources from that to build more iron mines.
If you want to stop a building from being built, but dont want to lose progress on the building, you can use 'hold' or 'move to bottom' so that other buildings are built first.
Later on in the game it may be wise to queue resources and use the 'hold' function so that people cant steal wood iron and gold from you.

Fast Building

If you are doing a mage/resource run you will need to quickly demolish and build certain buildings. To speed up building/demolishing you should build extra toolmakers on the land you demolishing (make sure you have enough tools). I usually build toolmakers until it only takes 6 turns to build/demolish the required building. I then demolish the extra tools makers slowly and build on the land they were using.

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