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Exploring for most is an annoyance that lasts only as long as protection, for some civilisations it is the only viable way of getting land and score.

To explore you need two things:
-> Explorers
-> Food

Depending on your civ you should get around 5 explorers for each town center you have. So if i had 10 town centers i can send out 50 explorers at any one time.
During protection you must balance your building of 3 things:
Town Centers
Food Supply

Town Centers

You only need as many town centers as you can send explorers. here is no point in having the ability to send out 10,000 explorers if you can only afford the food for 1,000.

Food Supply

For most civs this will come from Farms or Hunters, but the same idea counts equally for those who rely on buying food with gold made, or gold from selling goods. As we above you dont need to make more food than you need for your explorers and population (Unless your economy is based on food, see individual civ guides).


During protection most civs will want to get some economy research, as well as other research needed later on. For the most part of protection you only need the economy research - there is no point in wasting resources on research that wont help you get big. So get as much eco res as you need as quickly as possible, then dont do any more research until maybe the end of protection (game dependant) when you have more spare land to use.


Horses will let you send out explorers for longer periods of time. There is no benefit from sending horses until the amount of food you send with each explorer is the same as the amount of cost it takes to make the horses you send. And there is no benefit from only sending 1x or 2x horses.

I shall use a civ that produces food in my example (and has no horse bonus).
For 1x horses you only get an extra 2 turns of exploring. So thats 50 food per extra turn.
For 2x horses you only get 4 extra turns, still 50 food per extra turn (as you send 2 horses).
But for 3x horses you get 6 extra turns, still 50 food per extra turn.
HOWEVER this is not counting the original cost of sending out the explorer itself, as this does not change for 0x, 1x, 2x or 3x then the more horses you send the better the gain.
So when food per explorer hits the amount of food it takes to produce 3 horses (300 in this, and most, cases) start to make (or buy) horses to explore with.

You should only buy horses if the cost of making a horse is alot more than the price you buy at - take into account what you can use the land from the stables costs aswell - as a byz i will buy at around 2700 or less. But only if i am guarenteed a constant supply at that price (it is very hard to suddenly start making horses, then stop, and start etc).

Most empires should explore until they have enough research to gain more land through attacking (at no extra cost). In general this is 1200-1600 turns. However for incas, barbs and chinese (depending on strategy) it is usually more beneficial to gain land from attacking empires who are exploring/maging.

tread lightly with your mouth.


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