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Once you have done pro, and providing you havent chose an exploring civ+strat, you willl need to start thinking about attacking people.
Attacking people is the best way to get land - the more land you have the more research you get the better you will place at the end of a round.

When attacking you have to think about several things
Your attack power
Your targets defensive power
How attacks are calculated (Land gain bonus, attack % weakness)
Reasons for attacking
Resources and Turns remaining
Mountain Ratios

Your Attack Power

When attacking you need to use AS MUCH LAND AS POSSIBLE to attack with, whether you use TownCenters or Forts - Build as many as you can while maintaining house+warehouse space, market transfers and builders. You may also need to think about food/gold production depending on your civ.

You then need an attacking army. The units you use will depend on resources you can afford, civ and to an extent the turns you have to attack with. I suggest using only one type of unit to attack with, but if you must send out an attack send whatever you have.

Wine can double your attack strength, but can you afford it?? It is best only to use wine when you get near your limit (when you have no more targets left you can break with remaining resources) as when you are lower down you have lots of targets to choose from.

Your targets defensive power

Most people are probably told to try and have a 5x score defensive power when they start. So if you have no other information assume that. Otherwise there are several ways of trying to work out your targets defense.

<-1-> Thieves
To find out for definite what your targets defence is just steal the info! You need both research and army info. You can then stick that into the
Swoosh Calculator Or try and work out the defence yourself from that info.

<-2-> Lost battles
A very good way to estimate a defence is if you have battle information from a very recent battle. You need to know the amount of ATTACKING army that was killed, and the score ratios of the two empire involved. You can then use this simple formula to estimate the defense:

You have a random 10% discrepency between the defence and what you need to beat it. So if its a defence 100million you can beat them with between 90-110 million attack.
(Army losses) * 250 * (Defenders initial score / Attackers initial Score)

This says that the defender has 250 times the defence of the NUMBER of army units lost in battle. But this is also afected by the score ratios of the two empires - the smaller the attacker the LESS units get killed if they fail.

<-3-> Land to score ratio
Often if an empire has lots of land, and little score, it means they have very little army (or maybe towers) - this may indicate they are easy to beat. But also if they have very little land and lots of score they probably have LOTS of army - and may be harder to beat.

<-4-> Civilisation of defender
here is a basic guide to how most people run each civ (in order of weakness):

Empire(how much defence compared to score): Description why

Incas/barbs(3-4): No def Res, Towers/Low army
Chinise(3-5): Little def Res, Towers/Low army
Zulus/Japs(3-10): Depending on strategy they are often towers with some defence research
Byz(5-10): Strat dependant, can afford good defence, but may choose to go towers
Vikings/Mongols/Turks(5-12): Depending on strat they often have large defence armies due to civ bonuses
Franks(10-25): Lots of defence res, lots of towers - Vry High Defence

How attacks are calculated
Before using turns you have to think about two factors which affect the rewards of attacking a player.

<-*-> The attack %
This can be found when you have just asked your army to attack. On the army page at the top it will say Attack Strength: (100,92,84,76,68,60,25)%
The attack strength depends on how many people have attacked that empire in a certain time period. It tells you how much of your attack power will actually be affective in the battle. The lower the number the more likely you are to fail, and the less land you would take. Try and attack those with a higher % first.

<-*-> Score ratio
This only has effect on the army you lose in the battle, and the amount of land you take.
The higher up you attack in relation to your score the MORE land you take and the LESS army you lose. So always try and attack as high as you can (making sure you will win)

Reasons for attacking
Now think, why are you attacking? Is it for land to mage on? Or land to make something on? Maybe you want to keep the land you have so your attack % lowers. Do you need the land? Can you afford the losses?
DONT attack for revenge. ONLY attack if you GAIN alot more than you lose.
DONT attack because someone asked you to. ONLY attack if you GAIN alot more than you lose.
DONT attack because you have nothing else to do. ONLY attack if you GAIN alot more than you lose.

ONLY attack if you GAIN alot more than you lose.

Resources and Turns remaining
Now you know why your attacking, work out if you do ONLY GAIN alot more than you lose.

If this is the start of your attack run do you have enough weapons to waste on a massive defence? Is there someone you can attack you can take more land off? getting more land quickly may not be beneficial if there are few targets when you get into the top 15 (assuming you do).
If this is the end of your run remember THE MORE LAND YOU HAVE THE BETTER. If you are a producing civ you can use any land you can.

Chinese/Incas/Japs who usually rely on thieves are the only civ who really cant use any extra land, and may need to think about how much gold they have left. If you can get in range of a rich person from the attack then its obviously worth it. It may also mean you will keep more land for your next run.

Byz/Mongols/Vikings who can usually pay for their mage using the land (if mong/vik need to) Should use all their weapons and wine, unless they are nearing very few turns left (Blitz/Tour players should stop near 300, Standard players this maybe 0-150 turns depending on your civ/strat/research).

Barbs/Turks (and some mongols) will often be relying gold from goods sales but can always use the land they cant afford to mage on to produce goods for their next run. One barb i had got to 250 mil land (1st place) but only had enough gold to mage on 80 million of that land. I used the rest of the land to make wine - this was enough wine for 2 mages aswell as enough weapons for the remaining 7 days (i made nearly 40billion wine, and only made 5 bil more wine for others after that).

Mountain Ratios
The most valuable land is usually mountains. Anyone who uses iron/gold mines to fuel their economy should always go for higher mountain ratios. This means other iron/gold mine dependant civs first (Exploring civs are always final resort) - this matters less at the end of a round as the mountains get shared out between attacking civs. A byz for example needs a ratio of 10% mountain to survive easily. Any lower than this and you have to think about exploring more mountains when lower down (under 10mil land at least) or converting plains to forest (converting back may be illegal, check with game admin. I often convert 20% of my plains after a mage and build woodcutters to make bows with. I then convert this back to plains when i start my next run)

tread lightly with your mouth.


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