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What is a mage run:
Using as much of your land as possible to get as much research done as you can.

When should you mage run?
The amount of land and turns depends on the game, and your resources. If your in the top 15 and have as much land as you can get, and enough turns to mage on you should mage. This is to make the most of your land while you have it, there is no point in spending all your gold and resources on getting land if your just going to lose it without improving your ability to get more land

How to do a mage run:

A mage run sounds complicated and some people who have never done it before think, why bother? The answer to this is research. Research is the most important part of the game. Research is what separates the good players from the bad. Knowing what to research is also very important, we will get to that later. With the right research getting more land to mage on AND keeping that land becomes easier and easier (making you the best player around)

To do a mage run, what you do is demolish all your un-needed buildings (things like forts and town centres). You then build mage towers on all available land. You then use up some turns. The amount of turns that you use depends on what game you are playing. I have listed some of the games bellow.

Standard Game:

With only 300 turns in the standard game you do not have enough turns to attack with and mage run so what you do is, Save up full 300 turns. You then attack for land. Once you have used up most of your turns put in as many archers (or best defensive unit for your civ) then you have to wait till you have full turns again and hope that you don’t lose land then mage.

Blitz Game:

This game is much simpler to do mage runs with as you get 800 turns. With these turns it means you can make an attack run as well as a mage run in the same set of turns. You should attack for around 300 turns and mage with 400 – 500 turns.

Tournament Game:

This game is a bit trickier as you get less turns. What I usually do in tournament is save up full turns, once I have full turns I convert to attacking units ready for attacking. Then I wait till I have full turns again before I move a turn. I then use 150 – 200 turns attacking then I mage with 200 – 250 turns.

Your trying to maximise the land you have. REMEMBER people can tell you are maging, so you need to be quick. Some players mage with a small army in to stop smaller empire grabbing little bits of land ( you always panic when the main button lights up red, whatever has actually happened). To make building/demolishing quicker you will want to build alot of toolmakers. I try and demolish mage towers in 15 turns MAXIMUM. Putting them up i often take up to 30 turns.

When your all built and ready to burn turns enter '12' into the use turns box and hit enter. Then hit F5 (refresh) and enter (Count how many times you do this to make sure you dont use too many turns.)

You may want to change what you are researching halfway through, just remember to do it! And if you are getting conquer land or something which is capped you wont want waste turns researching it when its full up already!


Remember! It takes a certain amount of turns to rebuild an army after your mage run - heres how to calculate how long it will take:

(15 * Fort_rls * training_turns) / (2 + army_train)

(This is for forts, and does not account for civ bonuses (eg mongol fort bonus))

The army_train is how many extra units you can train at a time.

Fort_rls is who much fort space research you have

training_turns is the number of turns it takes to train that army type.

If you are going to have a mixed army then calculate the % of each unit you will have, Then times each % by the turns for that unit type add them all together and divide by the number of unit types. (if you find this too complicated just pretend macemen or swordsmen are archers/horsemen whatever is gonna take you longest to train)

eg. For a byz with no fort res or army training to train archers it will be (15*6)/2 = 45 Turns.

If you are good at putting up toolies (and can afford tools) you will only need another 20 turns on top of that to finish your mage.

Pre-Mage Checklist:

Do i have enough land? Use the swoosh® mage calculator to check your gonna get all the research you want, if you dont have enough land - get more. If you dont have enough turns - wait. (obviously if you cant do either just make the best of a bad run)

Do i have enough resources? Use the swoosh® mage calculator to check you have enough gold and wood/iron to make your mage towers.

You will also need gold for every turn and wood/iron for forts/towers after your run.

Do i have enough tools?

A useful tip is to send your tools to market once all your mage towers are up - this way you dont waste them while you mage (may not work for defensive mages).

If i am making goods do i have enough warehouse space?

Do i have enough population? (remember army disband will add pop)

Do i have enough housing for my army when i disband it?

Defensive mages :

Ok Problem incas on? Maybe a Chinese? Hopefully if your maging you are quite high. Id suggest napping anyone in top 20. But if others are on who you think can hurt you then put up some towers. Id say 10% maximum, should provide enough def and still let you get research. What you'll need to do is queue more towers than you will have land for, so you can carry on maging and they will auto-build themselves (Hence sending tools to PM would be bad idea in this case, keep 1mil or so on you so you dont lose loads when they wear out). It also means that people who use cats to test your def have problems aswell.
You can leave up a small amount of archers, but if these get catapulted you cant retrain quickly enough without hesitating during your mage. They provide much bigger defence on less land, especially if you have fort space. Lots of Def research though would make me tend towards the towers.

Disband check:

When you disband your army DONT use turns. First you wanna check your status screen. Try and balance it so your every year you are not gaining or losing resources (unless you sell wood/iron/food on PM)

You then want to recheck no one is around to hit you.


queue to demolish your unwanted buildings - having calculated needed space and turn by turn market transfers.

spend a turn at a time and queue more toolmakers (dont use more than half your land on toolies)

when your buildings are all gone, queue mage towers and build them.

when all land is used demolish the extra toolmakers you made and build mage towers on those aswell.

When your all done send your tools to market (you wont need them during your mage)

Speed Mage:

Use 12 turns at a time. Try to be on a page with status info so you can check things are ok every so often. I use the local mainly as i can buy wood/food and change how much im buying/selling as i need. The game has warehouse/fort/housing space in top left now which is handy. Remember not to over research a certain area, and to research the right thing!! (My mongol in blitz #11 researched mines as a mongol, apparently he didnt realise even though it says what your researching in the left menu now too)

You can press f5 and enter to send the 'use 12 turns' without having to reload the page or re-enter the '12'.

When you have used as many turns as you can leaving yourself enough time to rebuild queue to demolish all your mage towers.

Rememeber to withdraw your tools from market

Once again use a turn at a time to demolish mage towers and build more toolies (half land as toolies max)

Put up your defense. The current rules is half your land must be forts or towers. If you are going to use forts you must have at least half your lands worth of forts filled up (if you have extra forts or lots of forts res you dont need to have them completely full) - Whatever you do you must have a defense score 3 times your actual score.

My last tip is to get 10market and 20space research. Later on these save ALOT of land in housing/warehouses/markets

What you research will depend upon your civ and strat. All the strats on the site will tell you what to get and when it is best to get it. Remember the only way to do a quick mage is to do more of them. I find it hard to remember what to do when i havent played for ages, so dont be worried if your new to maging and find it hard too, it does get easier and more instinctive.

tread lightly with your mouth.


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