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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. General Tips
3. Maging Tips
4. Research Types and Uses
5. Army Management
6. Attack Cycles
7. Army Tips



Welcome to my guide. I will be upgrading it in the future (finally got to it now), so look forward to much more. I hope you find the cotents of this guide useful in your endevors to become master of 1000ad.


"The first most important thing, no matter what civ you are, is how you play your turns. This is the thing that separates the good from the bad in this game. Make every turn count and you'll be rocking this game in no time. I judge my turn usage to my mage potential. Maging is the only thing you should worry about when playing turns. When you are doing a action, ask yourself this question. Do I get anything out of this action?"

"Never ever fight personal wars; they are a waste of time, turns and resources. Ever wonder why the big boys never thieve or cat you back? That is because we only care about one thing, our mage."

"Never waste turns on making weapons/wine/horses with low land. It much more effective to attack run, then make weapons/wine/horses. Unless you are totally broke and you need weapons to start, in this scenario you would not be listening to me. It would be better to ask an ally, then pay them 2x as much after the mage."

"The market. theres a huge difference in what you can buy at 1 million acres and what u can buy at 100 million acres. a byz can buy over 5 iron per gold mine at 1 million acres. at 100 million acres yer lucky to pull more than 2. in this regard, in the long run a viking is more effective cause with 150% mining they would still make 5 iron per turn even at 100 million acres. i never liked the way the market changes so abruptly for this reason. its unfair to the people that rely on selling and buying goods."

"The other is the importance of defense research. i think its a little lacking. without it, u die really. take it from me, ive walked through the realm of the dead more times than i ever wanted to. the base defense of a byzantine, if im not wrong is 17 (15 for race and +2 for the wall) with 100% thats now 34. a horseman is 10 attack and with 100% to attack that only 20. a pole would need over 300% attack to undo 100% of defense. thats pretty big. i played a round not too long ago there and didnt lose land once the entire round except for when i was exploring somebody hit me for 20000 acres. all because i had defense r/ls. i think i ended up with 750 defense r/ls. even when i maged i kept enough army where i couldnt be broken. the more defense i had the less army i needed to keep. and since they were going attack and no defense, my 75% attack was good enough that i could still bust them up nicely. but most importantly, to break you they have to kill off alot of your army thus your chances of logging on dead go way down."~Eric~

"Mage run"- During these run you do all your research, try to get as much out of them as possible. Save 300 turns before you start then use at least 200 of them with as many mage towers as you can. Also stockpile gold, weapons and wine for your later attacks runs during these runs. If you are in an alliance and have goods on the public market, try to have someone rich standing by ready to boost you with some extra gold, having a lot of mage towers is expensive. ~Hansa~

Maging is the most important thing to learn in the game. It litterally is definition between good and bad players. All experience players judge other players by there Research. It is the true score in the game.

No matter what civ you play, you must be able to support your own mages. There is no point in attacking if you can't support your mages. To support your mages, you can either sell of excess (what you are making before expenses) iron, food, and wood production on local trade. With this method, you must sell enough per turn to support your mage towers per turn.

For starters, I usually play my mages out on the circumstances. Usually I don't attack after 300 (or 1/2 your turn max turn hold) unless I need more land. If you feel it would be more effective to attack after this, go for it. Around the last 3 attacks, I start building toolmakers with the land. Then when I want to mage, I take forts down (always mage with all your land, never leave anything up you are not using)and build mage towers with that land. Then I take the larger amount of land I have in toolmakers down, usually 1/2 for the first, build that land to toolmakers. Then take down another 1/2 and do the same. Then I balance out local trade to the status page and make sure everything is balanced.

Then play 12 turns, hit F5, then hit enter.

I mage this way until about 40-50 turns, then I start taking mage towers down while building toolmakers. What I mean by this is that first I setup all mage towers on auto demolish, then I play one turn, build more toolmakers with the new demolished land, then keep doing this until they are all down. First thing you should build is forts at this point. Start putting up army, usually players stick around and build up their army as the turns come around.

(It's okay to lose land AFTER you are done with it, so take your time rebuilding; but make sure you get a decent one back before you leave your account for the day).

If you don't have time for this, then stop maging around 60-70 turns left. Same directions, only more turn lefts to train.

For defensive players, you must save the turns in for army. This style may not mage out as much as an attacker, but if you have nice defense and can keep your land it’s very effective. With more land to start with, your attack runs will be for much higher land.

You'll need lots of wood and iron, you usually make enought of it when on your act run, so don't sell it because you think you have an exess when attack, you'll need the material right away for fast converstion. Idealy, mages should take only 2-5 min max. You need to be fast because some players choose to sit online and wait for players to mage and take all your land while you are vunerable.

You use toolmakers with Mongols, you set your toolmakers to make just enough to your mage towers. Making a profit when you mage these are bad, because you are running to many markets or toolmakers and losing mage potential. Byz mage are np, in fact you make most of your gold when you mage them.

You can food mage, (must have the right Research for this, usually +100 Research in food or more). Food mage is when you leave just enough farms or hunters up to support your mage per turn, selling it all on local trade.

You can aslo sell bows, swords, and other good on public market before you mage. Just set everything to a close to min price before you run. Sometimes it does take a while to sell thou.

"When you have set up for your mage and everything is in order, your local trade is set to what you need and you have excess wood and iron you can always squeeze in more mage towers with demolishing markets and build on the land, note this should be dealt with carefully and only for fast mages since it can hurt if you get hit alot when you mage."



“Research is one the most efficient keys to the game. Since all research cost always increase for each points, all investments here is irreversible and limits your other research. Think before you research and make sure you have a plan behind what you research. Making one points here and one there is seldom worthwhile focus your research on those spots you think is essential to you.” ~Hansa~

Military Research Types

Attack Points – This research is very important. It is the key to winning the game. I invest in it early so I can break empires early. Most of the best players invest very heavily in this, and usually accounts for 45-50% of overall research in attack Civilizations.

Defense points – Most people don’t really spend much on this, but a little can go along way. Any empire type that isn’t an attacker should invest in this. Econ Empires should balance this with the same amount of attack.

Conquered land – The best research in the game. I always try to get this stuff in my first mage with civilizations that can attack. Conquered land research help’s you get a much more land to mage with. Who wouldn’t want more Research? Combine this with lots of attack, and you are unstoppable.

Military loss –Thought his research type has been known to lead to many deaths, it’s still something to consider. People who play independent should get this very early, as it really helps save those valuable weapons. I don’t suggest getting this research type unless you have at less some defense.

Fort Space - If you don’t have any problem filling up your forts then fort space is the best research for you, its like attack/defense/conquer all in one , of course it takes more time and recourses to build and upkeep an army. I will also get you killed if you don’t have any defense with it.

"Fort space on early stages isnt all that good in my opinion, get attack/defence (depends on the strat) to support your forts, running full forts with big fortspace research and no defence can get you killed."

Thief Strength – Thieve strength is the same , whether you hit someone with 1 million thieves or 1 thieve. This rls make's the percent of damage you do greater. If you want to invest in this, I suggest you model your entire strat around it.

Catapults strength - this research isn't for everybody, it's often used in a bundle with massive catapult armies to wipe out big part's of armies, destroying all buildings or all population. So I advise you either decide to be a catapult player and get a lot of it, or never mind wasting points on it to begin with. ~Hansa~

Army upkeep cost - If you intend to build armies, really big armies and have a limited economy research this. 50 points of this is better then 50 points on food if you do not intend to produce any horses for your army. ~Hansa~

Army Training - Do not mage this early as it will mess up your empire and slow you down in the end. It's very good to get maybe mid game or after you have a decent army at least. This does not cut down the time it takes to train army, it just increases the amount you can train at once. It's worthless for special units like cats, shamans and thieves. very low priority research type but useful later on as rls gain per turns drops and all the big land gets locked up.

Economy Research

Food Production –I think this research is a bit overlooked theses days. It is used primarily for making horses, exploring, and feeding armies. It can also an economy. I use it to cover my mages but selling it local trade per turn, especially if the civilization has a hunter bonus. If you find yourself always tight for a mage, invest a bit in this and sell food.

Wood Production - I haven't seen any strategy with so many woodcutters and where wood is so essential to the economy that this research is worthwhile. As long as this stays at 1% a point no good players will research it. ~Hansa~

Mine Production - The only Civilizations who have enough base gold/iron to this research worthwhile is Vikings/Byzantines. These can usually get their economy going without their research, but as Byzantine it can be worthwhile to research allot of it and build your entire game plan around your gold mines. ~Hansa~

Weapons and Tools Production - Most players spend a lot of resources on weapons and tools, so this could be worthwhile for everyone, but there is usually thing you need more. If you play Mongol you should research this. It means both that you could get much more tools and weapons yourself but also share with those members who don't produce to well. As a Mongol you could also do the now standard 200-tool point strategy where you go all plains, sell tools and weapons and buys everything else. Of course if there is a Mongol in your alliance, he should produce your weapons for you, so then you shouldn't need to research this. ~Hansa~

Other Research

Space Efficiency - This is an important Research type to invest in. A small investment to free up a lot of land for you to mage out more. This is very important for attack starters, since you will most likely lose your land and won’t have much left to hold your stuff. I usually mage on this first, from 10-20 Research, so I can keep building and not worry about my houses and warehouses so much and free up land to get a better start. Usually i get 40 thou, i love my space rls :P

Markets – This is another one that overlook to often. A very small investment, such as 10 Research, doubles the amount of stuff you can sell, aid or buy. Invest 10 early, get 10 more for Mongol later, otherwise that should be enough to cover you for the game.

Explorers -Only get if you are a frank, and mix with with equal food rls.


Please do not attack people with crap armies; it's sad to see and a waste of time. Always try run your max army. It may take extra turns, but it's so worth it.

If you are byz, and you have the right Research, you should run horsemen (or swordsmen) to attack and archers to defend. Some people mix their armies after a mage, with 1/2 or less horsemen and 1/2 archer and even some swords men. This isn't effective, it takes more turns to get that land you lost back. Run army to its usage. With Byz, it's very effective to run full archers to save your land with the bonus on archer defence.

Same deal for Mongols, for the love of god there not Inca's!!! Do not mix your army, you WILL LOSE LAND AMD END UP WASTING TURNS. Archers are your friends.

Use as much land as you can when you set up for an attack run. I always get space early to help in this. The more forts you put up, the more army you can run. The more army you can run, the more land you can take. The more land you take, the more mage you can get. The small things really add up.



When you attack, build with your new land right away. You should be doing many things with your turns. This is how one attack goes for me.

Set up attack target

Play 3 turns

Build with new land, fort (or other stuff to a percent if you are running out of space) Hunters (for me, I love them, but that's personal preference, usually I run 80% hunters on my totally wood land to 20% woodcutters)
And Iron mines.

"Add toolmakers when necessary so you can be able to build on all the land you acquired in one turn." ~GK~

Retrain Army losses (killed army)
(You should be making maces and be able to train these new units with the new maces or swords)

Play 1 turn

Train army for new Fort space.

Play 4 turns

So that's 8 turns for one attack.

You may think that it's not effective, but with little targets and with the tons of turns you get around here, it is. Those new mace men or swordsmen will take more land, and getting as much land as possible is the point of attacking.


Set up attack target

Play 3 turns

Build with new land, fort (or other stuff to a percent if you are running out of space) Hunters (for me, I love them, but that's personal preference, usually I run 80% hunters on my totally wood land to 20% woodcutters)
and iron mines.

"If you have a hunter bonus go full hunters, buy the wood you need. I loathe making wood, except for the start. And if you have food research don't have any woodcutters."

Retrain Army losses (killed army)

Play 1 turn

Train army for new Fort space.

Play 2 turns

So that' 6 turns for one attack.

What I do with this is I set up a cycle, where as I always have new horsemen coming in to cover losses and the ones begin trained on every attack. In my Personal opinion, it takes far to long to train all those horsemen to max potential when attack running. I would much rather mage those turns then sit there with only a few turns left.


"Can't afford your army? Then sell stuff. Sell excess food, iron and wood your making. Probably could be either your management (which should be on Normal for attack, I always save my pop from maging in order to use it to attack the next day, then when I get ready mage, I set up new houses and turn management up and by the time I get around to maging, the pop is there.) With my attack cycle I make tons of iron and wood for mage towers. That is why it's important to build your new land asap and produce the materials needed for the all important mage. " ~DS~

"Always wait for max turns or as close as you can get to attack. It's very effective, and those runs add up when done right." ~DS~

"Attacking out your turns and hope to accumulate turns and mage later is a bad idea since you will probably not get to keep your land, remember its better to mage 200 turns with 10m land then 400 with 2m."

"It might be a good idea to have more then one window open when you are attacking, status screen, local trade screen, army screen and building screen and of course a score screen to pick your targets." ~GK~
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