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Side note I would read the whole thing first and get a good idea of what is going to happen. Also when told to build max buildings in one month make sure to remove unbuilt buildings next month and build max again. This should give you a good idea of how to get a decent viking start.

Jan 1000. queue 60 toolmakers, send out 60 exlorers for forest land. Set population to very high. Set research to food production. Leave toolmakers at 100%. Not recomended by alot but Im lazy.Make sure to disband 10 archers.

Feb 1000. end turn

Mar 1000. Go to local trade and buy 100 tools.End turn.

April 1000. Should have 364 construction workers now.
Build 100 woodcutters.
Build 40 hunters.
End turn.

May 1000. Build 10 toolmakers.
Build 80 woodcutters.
Build 30 hunters.
End turn.

June 1000. You may need to buy some tools, I have 478 not but you may differ.Have 424 construction workers.
Turn food ratio to Extreme.
Sell for 400 wood on autosell for income.
Build 50 woodcutters.
Build 2 town centers.
End Turn.

July 1000. Send out explorers for forest. Should have 72.
Build 80 hunters.
14 iron mines.
End turn.

August 1000. At this point I turn toolmakers down to 20%.
Build 15 toolmakers.
50 iron mines.
end turn.

Sept 1000. I put 75 iron local trade. Should have around 514 construction workers now.
Build max hunters.
Build 60 iron mines.
End turn.

Oct 1000. Build Max hunters.
Build 10 iron mines.
Build 20 toolmakers.
Build 10 iron mines.
Build 50 houses.
End turn.

Nov 1000. Build max hunters.
Build 4 town centers.
End turn.

Dec 1000. Should have built 4 town centers. Send out those explorers that came with town centers for forest land.
Build Max hunters.
Build 50 iron mines.
Build 2 town centers.
End turn.

Ok year 1 out of the way. Easily the hardest year in all the game. Now you have a decent economy going for your size and you have more explorers out than what you had. Good direction to be going in.

End of Year 1000. I have 108 explorers, 634 construction workers, population of 4915 and score of 16,711.

From this point on you will build max woodcutters or hunters with forest land every turn for the rest of portection. About 80-85% hunters to 15-20% woodcuters. You will also build Max iron mines from this point on also. Only iron mines on mountain land every turn.

To save me time I will simply put WC for woodcutters, Hun for hunters , IM for iron mines, TCs for town centers and SOE for send out explorers for now on. WC and IM will always mean to build max.

Jan 1001. SOE for forest land.
Build IM
Build Hun
Buiild 4 town centers.

Feb 1001.. Buy 200 tools on local trade.
Auto sale about 100 iron now.
Build hun.
Build 40 toolmakers.

Mar 1001..
Build hun.
Buy 100 more tools.
Build 5 tc's

April 1001. Soe for forest.
Build hun.
Build 15 toolmakers.
Build 4 tc's.

May 1001...Soe for all land. Soon you will habve a set of explorers out every month. For viking I like to send out 4-5 sets of explorers for forest and 1-2 sets of explorers for all land. I will switch it up if I dont have enough plains land I send out 2 sets for all land, enough I send 1 set.
I have 964 toolmakers now. That should more than enough for now.
Build hun. Also, I will build hunters 10 months of the year and woodcutters 2 months. Sometimes 11 months for hunters and 1 month for woodcutters.
Build 5 town centers.

June 1001. Soe for forest.
Build hun
Build IM.
Build 5 tc's

July 1001...SOe forest.
Build IM
Build Hun
Build 5 tc's

Aug 1001..Soe all land
Build IM
Build hun
Build 5 tc's

Sept 1001.Soe forest.
build im
build hunters.
build 5 tc's
build max tc's

Oct 1001.soe forest.
build im
build hun
build max tcs.

Nov 1001..Soe all land
build im
build wc's...I prefer to just build my woodcutters in last 2 months of year. Makes it easy to remember.
Build 25 markets.

Dec 1001..Soe forest
Here I build about 10-15-20 mage towers. Make sure research is on food.Wont be able to byuild them all in one turn but no biggie.
Build IM
Build wc's

Pop..8898 Construction workers..964 Score..22,677 explorers..360

Jan 1002..Soe for forest.
Build hunters
Build Im
move the to top so they are built first.
Finish the mage towers you still have queued.

Feb 1002..soe all land
build hun
build im
build max tc's

Mar 1002.soe forest
build hun
build im
build max tc's

April 1002..soe forest
build hun
build im
build max tc's

May 1002...soe all land
build hun
build im
build max tc's

June 1002..soe all land..this should give you 3 sets with all land. Go all land until Jan 1003..each set that comes in send them back out for all land. Jan 1003..go back to only 2 sets for all land..4 for forests.
build im
build hun
build max tc's

July 1002. soe all land
build im
build hun
build tc's

Aug 1002..soe all land
build im
build hun
build tc's

Sept 1002..soe all land
build im
build hun
build tcs

Oct 1002..soe all land
build im
build hun
build tc's

Nov 1002..soe all land
set food ratio to very high..will have to keep an eye on this for now on..too much pop lower food ratio not enough pop move to extreme.
Build wc
build im
build max houses

Dec 1002..soe all land
build wc
build im
build tcs

pop..16039 score..33656 explorers..582 construction workers 964

Ok. Now you must notice a pattern in what you will be doing. I do very little research with viking early in protection because I dont feel like fooling with economy.Im just trying to get it done. I will basically do the same thing from 1003-1006 or 1007. Then I will begin to get more research. I have 6 research levels now all under food. I have 15 mage towers and in next 3-4 years those will get me 5-8 research levels. I will now switch to space effectiveness.

January is my month I take stock of everything I am doing. I adjust local trade this month each year from now on. I will sell more wood and iron and buy more tools when needed. I will put up 50 toolmakers in 1003, 300, in 1004, 450 in 1005 and so on. I hope to be around 8k construction workers by year 1007.

Things I need to watch and build when needed are
Warehouses: 48% Full
When I see my warehouses becoming too full I will build warehouses that month.
Housing: 63% Full
When I see my housing in coming close to full I will build houses that month.
Not Working: 1,203
I want to keep a close eye on that.If I have too many not working, I turn down food ratio, if I have not enough to work I turn up food ratio.

Jan 1003..Buy 500 tools on local trade. I sell about half of what my iron mines make on local and 50% of wood. You have option of turning off toolmakers and buying tools with wood and iron sales but Im too lazy to mess with that.
Build Im
Build Hun
Build max toolmakers.

Now you are going to do same thing until 1007.

Build IM
Build hun 10 months wc 2 months
Build tcs,90% of time, warehouses,markets,houses toolmakers when needed.

After 1005-1006 you will explore 75-80% for forests and 20-25% all land but until 1005-1006 explore 50% all land 50% forest . Remember to send out explorers every month. DO NOT BUILD STABLES until you reach 300 food per explorer. You will see this on this part of explorer screen.

You have 726 explorers looking for land.
You can have a maximum of 726 explorers.
Your food reserves allow you to send 3,565 explorers.
You can send 0 more explorers.
You need 18 food for each explorer.
You have 0 horses.

Jan 1004..I messed up a little bit but these are my numbers.You should explore more all land than I suggested earlier. 50-50 for awhile.If you explore more all land now than I said earlier you should have better numbers.

Score..51,811 Pop...25,016 research 7 construction workers..1696..toolmakers ..281 Land..12,494 town centers..149

Jan 1005..score 80,113 pop..35,528 toolmakers..381..construction workers.2296..land..19,257 town centers..228 explorers..1,368 mountains..1626 forest..10,008 plains..7,623

Jan 1006..score 123,699 pop..60,942..toolmakers..711 construction workers..4,276 tc's...364 explorers 2,184.. land ..29749...

Jan 1007..score..196,275 pop..88,177 toolmakers..1235 construction workers..7420 tc's 621 explorers..3,726 land..47,496

Again I messed up and your numbers should be better. At this point I will spend 2 months of year building mage towers throughout protection. I will research about 4-7 space and rest in food. I will need to see how much mage towers cost to run each month and adjust my local trade so I still pay for research and make a profit each turn so I have a stable economy.Remember you still will now build stables. 300 food per explorer for viking.

You continue doing same thing until 300 food per explorer except you will build mage towers now. Once you have the first few years down you pretty much got it. You want to try and get a research point every 3 months at least. you will find this on the research page

You have 72 mage towers active producing 72 research points
and using 7,200 gold every month.
It takes your mage towers 4.53 months to advance research level.
It will take 3.76 more months to complete current research

Eventually you will run into a point where you cant build town centers every turn like you have been..just build other buildings you need..for viking these would be houses,warehouses,mage towers, toolmakers, markets and thats it..you need to build no other buildings except those for viking in protection.

Keep exploring and make sure you are sending in out explorers every turn. You will eventually reach the point of 275 food per explorer. I like to do everything on january. This means when I reach 275 food per explorer begin to build stables. I want to build enough stables to send out all my explorers for entire year so I only have to send explorers out one time a year now. Now I have 7k explorers .

I will make 1700 stables, Im going to stop sending out explorers at this time. I will just build on land I have now and make horses until January of the year I made stables. For me it is 1011 you might be different, earlier or later. January I send out all explorers in as many groups as I can. 12 is preferable. 9 for forest, 3 for all land, or 10 for forest and 2 for all land..etc.

Keep doing this throughout protection and you should get around 1.1 mil land to 1.2 mil land..Maybe more I screwed up earlier and thats what I got.

In the year 1020 I will build a few wineries, I buy very little off market, I can get better deals on public market but way too lazy to mess with it. These wineries will be for when I start my great wall which I will also start building in year 1020. In year 1024 I begin building towers. I will spend 10 months of the last 2 years building towers so I dont get attacked and lose land when I leave protection in 2 days.

Viking in standard will explore out of protection for 320 turns if possible, set a tower defence and wait to mage. Make sure after portection you begin to utilize public market. Put excess wood,iron and food on market and when you need money lower your goods to lowest price on market example if food is selling for $23 on market pur your food at $22.

You will also not be exploring for anymore forests once you leave protection, you will explore all land or plains. Plains you will convert to forest each turn or every 2 turn or 3..depending on how you want to do it. Preferred research for Viking in standard for me anyway with 500 research levels.

100 food
15 wood
20 space
150 attack
50 defence
75 fort space
50 conq land
5 market
15-25 army training
25 military losses

tread lightly with your mouth.
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Can you post the end score and magelevels?

(Good post btw)
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Posted: Nov 15, 2010 09:21 AM          Msg. 3 of 7
No..I didnt finish, I only did first 8 years and the rest by memory.

tread lightly with your mouth.

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Here I come to save the day

Posted: Jul 5, 2011 06:18 AM          Msg. 4 of 7
I love your strat, well atleast for the first year or two, but seems as though you got a little lazy after that, which is understandable since you were only doing it to help new players.

So, going off of the above diagram, this is my strategy.... (again, read it all before you start it)

Jan 1001
Score: 16,841
Land: 4,437
Research: 0
TC: 15 (90 explorers)
Tool Makers: 100 (should of had 130)
woodcutters: 175

Jan 1002
Score: 22,495
Land: 5,626 (622Mountains...1,913Forest...3,091Plains)
Population: 8,498
Research: 0
TC: 81 (486 explorers)
Tool Makers: 200
woodcutters: 296
(starting in April, should explore only "all land" for atleast a year)

Jan 1003
Score: 40,868
Land: 10,107 (1,005...3,990...5,112)
Population: 14,260
Research: 0 (just put up 24 mage towers)
TC: 149 (894 Explorers)
Tool Makers: 300
Woodcutters: 353

1044 explorers at May 1003

Feb 1004
Score: 74,323
Land: 18,386 (1,831...7,609...8,946)
Population: 24,025
Research: 6 (food)(35 Mage towers...should of held off for more Pop)
TC: 272 (1,632 explorers)
Tool Makers: 450
Woodcutters: 1,028

Jan 1005
Score: 122,249
Land: 30,142 (3,161...12,461...14,520)
Population: 39,540
Research: 7 (food)(59 mage towers...still pop problems)
TC: 393 (1,989 explorers)
Tool Makers: 600
Woodcutters: 1,028

Jan 1006
Score: 183,205
Land: 44,028 (4,016...22,388...17,624)
Population: 73,593
Research: 7 (food)(59 mage towers)(did not gain any because of
*****************Population problems)
TC: 538 (3,228 explorers)
Tool Makers: 800
Woodcutters: 1,028 (don't add any for a while)

Jan 1007
Score: 271,604
Land: 65,040 (5,890...33,777...25,373)
Population: 131,693
Research: 12 (food)(349 mage towers)
TCs: 645 (3,711 explorers)
Tool Makers: 1,250
Woodcutters: 1,421 (too much)
Markets: 50 (only need 40)
Houses: 1250
3,500 iron auto sell, 375 tools auto buy

Aug 1007 - cut food down from Extremly high to very high


Jan 1008
Score: 379,119
Land: 89,982 (7,779...48,950...33,253)
Population: 194,361
Research: 18 (food)(622 mage towers)
TC: 812 (4,872 explorers)
Tool Makers: 1,750
Woodcutters: 1,221 (replaced 200 for hunters in feb)
Houses: 1,750

5,058 explorers at Feb 2008

Jan 1009
Score: 528,997
Land: 125,566 (10,259...70,589...44,718)
Population: 253,884
Research: 23 (food)(911 mage towers)
TC: 1,130 (5,812 explorers)
Tool Makers: 1,750
Woodcutters: 2,706
Houses: 2,000
Markets: 100
8,000 iron auto sell, 400 tools auto buy

Aug 1009 - raised food up to Extremly High from very high
Dec 1009 - cut food down from Extremly high to very high

Jan 1010
Score: 675,010
Land: 158,354 (11,658...96,454...50,242)
Population: 376,325
Research: 27 (food)(1,273 mage towers)
TC: 1,130 (6,292 explorers)
Tool Makers: 2,000
Woodcutters: 2,706
Houses: 3,511

Dec 1010 - raised food up to Extremly High from very high
Feb 1011 - cut food down from Extremly high to very high
sept 1011 - raised food up to Extremly High from very high
- 3x horses for explorers (302 food per explorer
Dec 1011 - cut food down from Extremly high to very high

Jan 1012
Score: 1,055,782
Land: 248,623 (18,477...148,454...81,692)
Population: 597,563
Research: 33 (food)(1,707 mage towers)
TC: 1,362 (4,457 explorers)
Tool Makers: 3,500 (3,000 would have been fine until the horses)
Woodcutters: 2,706
Stables: 2,058
Houses: 6,377
Market: 300

Nov 1013 - cut food down from very high to high

June 1014 - accidently hit the 4 turns button

Feb 1015
Score: 1,687,410
Land: 397,881 (29,432...236,405...132,044)
Population: 961,675
Research: 45 (food)
TC: 1,756 (10,021 explorers)
Tool Makers: 3,750
Woodcutters: 3,890
Stables: 3,108 (need about 1,000 more)
Houses: 10,639

Stopped at 50 food rsl to get 5 space effective rsl

Jan 1018
Score: 2,516,068
Land: 591,196 (42,277...358,887...190,032)
Population: 1,503,834
Research: 56 (51 food, 5 space)(8,577 mage towers)
TC: 2,395 (13,176 explorers)
Tool Makers: 5,000
Woodcutters: 5,119
Houses: 14,042

Jan 1020
Score: 3,208,043
Land: 750,577 (49,879...475,204...225,494)
Population: 1,885,250
Research: 65 (60 food, 5 space)(10,998 mage towers)
TC: 2,640 (15,642 explorers)
Tool Makers: 6,028
Woodcutters: 6,431
Houses: 16,664 (need more space research)
****************should have researched food til 50 and then space
****************til 10 then back to food

Oct 1024 - hit end turn twice in a row by mistake

Jan 1025
Score: 5,333,220
Land: 1,241,063 (77,346...814,976...348,741)
Population: 3,305,757
Research: 84 (74 food, 10 space)(19,562 mage towers)
TC: 3,599 (19,405 explorers)
Tool Makers: 9,000
Woodcutters: 8,062
Houses: 24,817

Sept 1026
Score: 6,186,116
Land: 1,436,379 (85,259...966,794...384,326)
Population: 3,717,901
Research: 89 (75 food, 10 space, 4 wood) (21,626 mage towers)
TC: 3,788 (22,252 explorers)
Tool Makers: 10,000
Woodcutters: 8,062 (as soon as i have 1mil land in hunters, then
**************start building alot of woodcutters for bows)
Houses: 28,014
Warehouses: 468 (didn't need it)

Always send out max explorers every turn, you will get frustrated when your unable to put up mage towers due to the fact that you are constantly building more TCs and stables, but also, always have atleast 1.5 stables for every TC (i like to have 1.7, just so that I never run out of horses while I'm trying to build up more explorers). Also, around 200 food per explorer, start building up stables every few turns (making sure you leave them at 0% until you need them), but also, when you do finally turn them on, you will need 15k to 20k population extra for them.

Also, around year 7, when you send out explorers, try and do "all land" "forest" "forest" "all land" "forest" "forest"... and repeat, it will give you 2x forest over plains, which I have found works great.


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Here I come to save the day

Posted: Jul 5, 2011 06:27 AM          Msg. 5 of 7
for research that game, and it went well for me....

Fort Space.............60
Conquered Land.....55
(worked out amazing within an alliance, though I think I would have traded the iron for more food rsl, might have done better)


the order I got it, each time you see "................." between the different research, is the different times I maged

50 food
10 space
50 food
10 iron (waste this early)
40 fortspace
13 attack
27 attack(40)
25 conquered land
25 defense
20 attack(60)
25 attack(75)
15 conquered land(40)
8 attack(83)
39 iron (49)
15 conquered land (55)
2 attack (85
15 attack(100)
20 fs(60) amazing
27 defense (52)


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I can share some of my experience and give tips how to get max score under protection by Jan 2025 with max rls and explorers out.
My best result in Jan 1025 was 7,1m score with around 1,6m land (using local only).

So the tips:
1) Build woodcutters instead of hunders first 3-4 years (as long as you have not enouth population). Vikings suffer from not enouth population first 5-6 years if you use your resourse right. Woodutters provide more food by 1 worker compare to hunters (by selling wood and buying food on local).
2) Dont explore untill you build up whole land (first explorers only in March-April 1001.
3) Explore only all lands - convert all excessive plains into forests - excessive plains is plains you dont need for toolmakers, town centers, mage towers, markets, warehouses and houses. You can start convert land before sending out explorers.
4) Get food rls first up to 80-100 (depends on your plans after protection). Get also 5 space efectiveness (1 effectiveness after every 20 food rls).
5) mage tower should cover around 10% of your land. you finance mage towers and land conversion from selling iron. All excessive resourses you sell each turn and send our explorers).
6) Keep as low toolmakers as you need just to build up whole land you explore exh turn. Also use cycle of buildings - build more mage towers during winder months cause that time you find less land.
7) First 100-150 turns play each turn. After you can use 2 turns at once (but keep in mind if decrease your expl effectiveness a bit and alltogether you get around 4% less land at the end of proteciton).

The rest in exploring is the same as for other civs.

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Just Me

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 03:26 PM          Msg. 7 of 7
this is my 3rd time trying Vik pro run and got my best results to date

September 1026 (no PM, local only)

Asian Soup (ID 15) Online Now
Empire: Vikings
Rank: 1
Alliance: [Lucky Moon]
Score: 6,284,600
Land: 1,561,803
Research: 101

mage towers: 42,799

96 food rls, 5 space effectivness, done in 6 hours or so. me and mighty mouse were fairly even throughout most of my pro run but then @ around Jan 20, 21 and on, I took off. I wasn't really expecting my results to be any much better than MM's but it turned out that in the end it was. and I don't care what anyone says about maging heavily early on in early years - doesn't seem to hurt me much, huh? also, follow what Archangel says. I know it may not make sense to be selling excessive wood @ local and buying more food with it, but that is just how it goes if you want to get big. I could have spent much more time on the run but since there is hardly anyone playing at the moment what's the point? this is good enough for this round.

Glo/Cyber Prince/Jere/Awful/Cinnamon Stix/Asian Soup


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