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Turk Startup
I'm going to focus on the first 300 turns in a limited sense, but more specifically, the first 150 turns or so. It gets much easier and predictable after that.

I don't have a turn-by-turn guide, but I don't feel those are very helpful anyway. However, I usually start off with toolmakers and woodcutters (155 woodcutters, the number of toolmakers is up for debate -- 90 is typical, but I prefer 107 or 131). I switch food rationing to max in May 1000, and it stays there for a loooooooooong time.

After the first 6 turns, I constantly build town centres. There's a balance that you need to aim for, where your mountains and forests do not pile up excessively, and you do not have unused food. Naturally, if you have more food than you can use, you should build town centres, and if you have unused explorers, you should build build more hunters. You should be selling excess iron for gold to buy tools, build buildings, and buy extra food.

If you notice too much land becoming unbuilt, you probably need more toolmakers. As a guideline, you should aim for around 1000 explorers in Jan 1004 (which requires 167 TCs, an average of 3.5 per turn, or 4 per turn, if you don't count the first year -- that means that you should have over 200 toolmakers by July 1002, and it should continue rising from there). Realistically, turks can get higher than that, but it's a good benchmark to aim for. I'd also try to get around 100k score in Jan 1005.

Turks explore for two types of land: "all" and "forests". The default is forests; when you need plains for whatever reason (town centres, magetowers, markets, houses, etc) you explore all land. That satisifies the need for both plains and mountains simultaneously, while still bringing in some forests. Otherwise, you explore for forests and build hunters. At the start, you will need to explore for all more, because you will have to constantly build towncenters.

Finally, maging. I usually wait a while before attempting to start maging with turks, because magetowers take a while to build, and use a lot of pop. You can use your own judgement in determining when you have reached a point of stability in terms of pop and filling up your land, but for me, it's usually around 1007. After horses, I'd try to keep the rls under 3 months. If you have 40 rls in 1015, then you'll pass 80 rls by 1025 keeping it under 3 months from then on. You can even keep it below 2.5 months after 1020 without it harming your score dramatically.

Also, turks should begin to explore with horses at 150 food per explorer (around 600k score maybe sooner). The horse bonus turks have allow them to grow a horse for half as much, at 50 food apiece. Therefore, if an explorer costs 150 food, and we send him out twice a year, we use 300 food a year. Likewise, we can send one explorer for 150 food with 3 horses for 150 food for the same amount of time. At this point, the explorers are the same. Once you pass 150 food per explorer, it is beneficial to use 3x horses.

When converting to horses, I usually turn stables to 0% and build enough stables to consume half my food, as half the food at 150 food explorer is used by horses when sending explorers, as per the example above (150 food for the explorer, 150 food for the 3 horses). When I have enough stables built, I switch them on and end a turn. If I've done the math correctly, that one turn should have produced food and horses in equilibrium, so that I have just enough food to send out explorers to use all or most of my horses. I prefer to have extra horses as opposed to extra food.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any corrections.

ETA: I'd expect around 6m score (1.4m land) and 85-90 rls in 300 turns, following this strat.

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Quote: However, I usually start off with toolmakers and woodcutters (155 woodcutters, the number of toolmakers is up for debate -- 90 is typical, but I prefer 107 or 131).

LUMEN where are you! we need you back. =)) eheheh but yes, 90 is typical - "107 or 131" is just way sexier.

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