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Unique Unit: Berserker

Woodcutter: -1 land used and +1 wood produced
Hunter: +2 food produced
Iron Mine: +1 iron produced
Archers: +2 defense
Swordsmen: +2 attack
Land Conversion: 1:1 on all land conversion after leaving protection
100 people burn 1 wood

Stable: +2 more land used
Warehouse: stores half of the goods
House: -25 less people
Farm: -2 food produced

Unique Unit: Paladin

Farm: -2 land used
Tower: -1 land used, +10 defense points
Town center: +1 explorer
Mage Tower: -5 workers needed
5% less food used for exploring
Archers: +3 defense points

Fort: -3 less army
Mage Tower: +3 land used and
20% slower population increase

Unique Unit: Samurai

Farm: +4 food production
House: +20 more people
Town Center: -5 land used, -20 trades
Mage Tower: +1 research points produced
Stable: -25 food needed to produce horse

Hunter: -1 food produced
Woodcutter: +3 workers needed
Stable: +4 land used

Unique Unit: Cataphract

Gold Mine: -4 land used and +100 gold produced
Catapult: +5 attack and defence points
Mage Tower: -1 Land used

Iron Mine: +1 land used
Tool Maker: -1 less builders, +50 wood to build
People eat 20% more food
Town Center: -2 explorer
Extra 12.5% food for exploring

Unique Unit: Horse Archer

Fort: -3 land used, +3 more army
Weaponsmith: +1 sword and bow produced for the same cost in iron and wood
Tool Maker: +1 tool produced for the same cost in iron and wood
Tool Maker: +2 more builders
Hunters: +1 food prodcution
20% faster population increase

Town Center: -1 explorer
Mage Tower: +150 gold to produce 1 research point
Farms: -2 food production
12.5% more food used for exploring
Thiefs: -5 defense points
Cannot use maceman
Horseman, Swordsman and Archers have -1 attack point
Great wall: need 50 more builders.

Unique Unit: Shaman

Mage Tower: 90% less gold used for research
Town Center: stores 4000 more goods, 900 extra people
Market: +50 more goods traded each month
Thieves: +25 defense points
Swordsman: +1 attack point
Maceman: +2 attack points
Weaponsmith: +1 mace produced for the same cost in wood and iron
Land Lost: 15% less land lost in battles
Each army unit only uses 1 gold per turn (shaman, archer, swordsman, maceman and thief)

Town Center: +5 more land used
Iron Mine: +1 more land used
Catapults: -9 attack points and -5 defense points
Cannot use horseman

Unique Unit: Kung Fu Warrior

Great Wall: cost reduced by 150 gold, 2 iron, 15 wood and 4 wine. Need 50% less workers to construct wall.
Thief: +10 attack points
Trained Peasant: +2 attack and +1 defense points. +2 points to land taken.
100% faster population increase
Gold Mine: -2 land used
Iron Mine: 50% more iron produced
3 unique units per town center (normally 1)
15 army units per town center (normally 10)

Winery: +2 land used
House: +2 land used
Trained Peasants: +1 extra training month, Double score count.

Unique Unit: Giant Warrior

Maceman: +2 attack and +2 defense points, +3 points to land taken
Winery: +1 wine produced
Weaponsmith: +1 mace produced for the same cost in iron and wood
50% less food eaten by population.


Unique Unit: Camel Cavalry

Horseman: +1 attack and +1 defense points, -1 gold per turn, -2 turns to train
Markets: +75 trades a turn
Mage Tower: +0.5 research produced
Stable: +1 horse produced for same cost
Weaponsmith: +1 crossbow produced for the same cost in iron and wood
Hunters: +2 food produced
+1 defense and attack for crossbowman

5% more food for exploring
10% slower population increase
Farms: -1 food produced

Unique Unit: Zulu Warrior

Hunters: double production
Farms produce food all months in a year
Weaponsmith: +1 pike produced for the same cost in iron and wood
Land Conversion: 1:1 on all land conversion after leaving protection
Town Center: 100% extra units, 5 unique units per town center
+1 defense and attack for pikeman and -1 trains to turn and -1 on gold upkeep

No Swordsman
Farms: -2 production
Winery: needs double land and 4 extra workers
Town Center: +5 Land
Maceman: +1 month to train

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