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Blog Entry: Feb 24, 2013 12:50 PM
Great memories of online war game
Looking back in my memories today a particular Standard round in 2005 came to my mind. I was in an alliance with DR,Rumbustification, Cerebus, LXC, Spank,Alchemist,Atlantis,Urrgath and myself. We went into round with every intention of whipping Terror Palace and proving we were best alliance in the game. There we 3 big alliances at the time Terror Palace who just basically dominated the game , Dark Sun and ourselves. We were Phoenix Knights but we eventually just combined with the alliance Roman General to make STYX AND PALS. Fun alliance.
Turns out the basic core of Terror Palace decided not to play that round. Petya and Lumen are only ones who decided to play that round. We allied with Dark Sun right away. Terror Palace beat us so bad all the time we just eventually had one of those your enemy is our enemy relationships. Pedder was leader that round. They had The Scum, Weapons of Mass Destruction,Bospar,Leeuw,Judgement Dave,Jibai,SP and Grapes of Wrath.
We dominate the rest of the game only weak alliances like Hyperion, Ghostriders and alliances like that we playing and Lumen and Petya solo. The whole game jumped on them so they didnt matter that round. About 3 weeks into a 4 week round Peddler tells me he wants to unally. They have top 6-7 spots. Im 8 ,Dr 9 etc. I know what will happen. They have more research,more land and frankly better players. DR,RUM and I carried the alliance. The rest were just fun guys to hang with. We are going to get slaughtered.
I am leader of alliance and DR is brains of alliance. He always thinks you win by outsmarting people and diplomacy. I believe in blunt force trauma. After telling the alliance what they wanted to do they pretty much resigned to their fate. I came up with plan to at least give us chance. I had 618 research and was Chinese, I was a deadly weapon. I wasn't giving up.
So I go to Peddler and Peddler only on MSN. His job to tell his alliance not mine. I know they are all in North America besides Bospar,WMD and Leeuw. I tell him 4 am central time saturday morning we unally. I know there is no way they are waking up at 4 am saturday morning to play a silly game. My entire alliance is in Europe except DR. Thats prime time for them. To my shock an glee he agrees. Everyone is told of the unally, only thing is Peddler didn't mention time to them. The massacre is on. I tell my alliance we attack at 4:01 am.
Saturday morning 3:55 am my alarm goes off. Im ready for online war. I log in and Spank and Cerberus only ones from my alliance on. Bospar is only one of from Dark SUN. They have three Japs and I know they have catapult research. So they have to go first. WMD is on like 11 mil land I have 15 mil land. I hit him fast because I know Bospar will text his friends or something when I attack. Knock him down and Spank hits him and Cerebus. Then I go after Leeuw, eat him fast. Bospar is online at about 25 mil land I have 25 mil land. He sends some message to me, I open it up and its in Russian. I don't speak Russian. I sent him message back that said I don't speak Russian but I love to eat Russian Land. Destroyed him in 3 hits. Now I'm taking 5 mil a hit which is quite a bit in Standard.
Suddenly all of DS comes on. Jibai,SP,Peddler Judgement Dave and GOW. The gigs up. Spank just goes offline. He gives up. DR logs on about this time, Rum also. I have a 5 minute grace period before DS can attack me. So its time to go on a spree. I wipe them out one by one quick. I'm at 100 mil land fast but running low on resources. 4th round ever. My theory of blunt force trauma doesn't take into account supplying an army for long runs at this point in my game. Anyway, Jibai last to be eaten. I take huge land grabs off him in 3 hits. I have 200 fort,200 attack and 100 conquer land. Im unstoppable in Standard.
Im at 140 mil land next guy has 60 mil land . They destroy my alliance at the 6 minute mark. My alliance is pissed at me. Bospar homelessed Spank fast. So Im out of turns at 6 hr mark and can't fill my forts. Im dead I know it but Im in 1st !!! They broke my defence and knocked me down to 5 mil land and homelessed me. I started to rebuild and WMD homelessed me while rebuilding. Then Scum caught me and Leeuw also. So I waited. 280 turns. I rebuild in 75 turns. I have 210 turns. I cant win but Leeuw,WMD and SCUM got what was coming to them, that round and several rounds after that. SCUM HATES ME !!
Anyway, that was my favorite round of all time. I have so many good rounds though . A simple and fun addiction.

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