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Blog Entry: Feb 13, 2013 11:48 PM
Great turn based game
I have come across several online games and have spent countless hours on the internet playing my favorite games. One of the advantages of playing all these games in I get a real good idea of what is good and what isnt. Or least I like to think so.
New 1000 ad is a great treat to online game lovers. People can unlimited fun playing this game if they love turn based games. The best part about playing these games is not only do they have fun playing turn based games but they are able to enhance their strategic thinking skills. New 1000 Ad is one of the best turn based games I have come across online. This is a multiplayer game that allows you to interact with players from around the world online. You will also use your diplomatic skills with the alliance angle of the game. You can play this game in real time with real players the game becomes so much more interesting than playing against computers who have preplanned moves and reactions.
There are two versions of this turn based game namely Standard and Blitz games. The standard version runs a 28 days round with new turns being awarded every 9 minutes.The Blitz game has a 21 day round with new turns being awarded every 3 minutes. Both turn based games give excellent opportunities for players to improve their mathematical skills.Besides the two gaming options you can also relive history by choosing from one of the 10 civilizations. Turks ,Byzantine, Incas, Chinese, Japanese, Franks, Barbarians, Mongols, Vikings and Zulus.
People that love turn based games and online war games in general are gradually getting hooked on New 1000 AD. Which allows players to try so many different strategies. New 1000 AD is also one of the safest online war games you will come across. You dont have to download any software to your computer. You can play this game safely from any part of the world since the game is 100% browser based.
You can also interact with players with the in game chat function. Chat with older players about strategies or set up attack runs with team mates. There are tons of tutorials in the forums and the new player tutorial. The video tutorials also help players learn the game faster and have more fun. As a person learns the various civilizations and tries all the different strategies the game becomes even more interesting. People just need to try this game for themselves and see it isnt like other online war games. The game has kept me awake at night thinking about how to get more research, how to explore for more land , how to dominate the market. It gets under your skin.
The best part of New 1000 AD is not only is it a great turn based game it is also free. People can make a free account and play as long as they like. One problem is have a bad chance of getting addicted if you really enjoy turn based games with live competition.
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