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Blog Entry: Jan 8, 2012 12:19 PM
The army units of New 1000 AD
Thought today I would go over the army units in the game. What civilizations use these particular units also.

Swordsman - Good attacking unit.
Attack points: 8
Defense points: 5
Months to train: 4
Required to train: 1 sword
Land taken: 6 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.4 food and 3 gold
2 Bonus points against pikeman

This is strictly an attacking unit. Not good when used for defence. Civilizations that will use swordsmen for attack would be Inca,Byzantine,Mongol,Viking and Japanese.

Archer - Good defense units.
Attack points: 4
Defense points: 12
Months to train: 6
Required to train: 1 bow
Land taken: 2 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.5 food and 3 gold
2 bonus points against maceman

This is strictly a defensive unit. Takes very little land on an attack so not good used for attacking. All civilizations can and will use Archers for defence if economy allows.

Horseman - Good attacking and defense unit
Attack points: 10
Defense points: 10
Months to train: 8
Required to train: 1 horse and 1 sword
Land taken: 10 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.8 food and 5 gold
3 bonus points againts archer

The swiss army knife of units. Good for both attacking and defense. The primary attack unit of Turks. Byzantines and Japanese can also use horsemen armies effectively although the training time is a disadvantage to Byzantine and Japanese, Turks have a training bonus for horsemen that only takes 6 months to train.

Maceman - Easy and cheap to train attack unit.
Attack points: 6
Defense points: 3
Months to train: 4
Required to train: 1 mace
Land taken: 3 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.3 food and 2 gold
2 bonus points against crossbowman

This is an attacking unit. Not designed to defend land. Barbarian and Incas will use maces to attack. Both civilizations have a macemen production and attack bonus.

Pikeman - attacking and defending unit good against horseman
Attack points: 7
Defense points: 7
Months to train: 6
Required to train: 1 pike
Land taken: 5 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.4 food and 3 gold
4 bonus points against horseman

Alot like a horsemen as they can be used for attack and defence. This is the primary unit for Zulu civilization. Other civilizations can use Pikes but cost usually becomes an issue.

Crossbowman - Heavy duty defense unit (good against swordsman)
Attack points: 5
Defense points: 10
Months to train: 5
Required to train: 1 crossbow
Land taken: 4 points
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.4 food and 3 gold
3 bonus points against swordsman

Excellent defensive unit against swordsmen armies. Turks have a crossbow production bonus. All civilizations can use Crossbows but like Pikes cost usually becomes an issue in arming a army with crossbows. Excellent for online attacks against attacking armies.

Trained Peasant - Very weak unit that does not need weapons and can be trained very fast
Attack points: 1
Defense points: 2
Months to train: 1
Required to train: nothing
Land taken: 1 point
Upkeep cost: 0.1 food and 0.1 gold

They can be used for defence and offence also but the weak attack and defence points make this a risky proposition. The primary attacking units for Chinese because of the fort bonus and Trained peasant bonus.

Catapult - destructive unit that can demolish buildings, kill army or population. Only catapults can defend against other attacking catapults. You can only have 1 catapult per town center.
Attack points: 25
Defense points: 25
Months to train: 8
Required to train: 200 wood and 100 iron
Upkeep cost (per month): 0.5 wood and 0.15 iron

Here is what 1 catapult will destroy.

Catapult Population:
12 population per catapult.

Catapult Buildings:
.3 buildings per catapult.

Catapult Army:
2 army per catapult.

All civilizations can use Catapults. Japanese and Incas can use Catapults more effectively than most civilizations. Used to destroy armies, kill entire populations and destroy an enemies buildings.

Thief - thieves can steal information about other empire. They can poison water, thus killing army and population. They can also set fire to burn buildings and steal goods from attacked empire. Only thieves defend against thief attacks. You can only have 1 thief per town center.
Attack points: 50
Defense points: 60
Months to train: 10
Required to train: 1000 gold
Upkeep cost (per month): 5 food and 25 gold

Regardless of number..1 thief will do the same damage as 1 million thieves.

Steal Goods:
2.5 - 5 percent of players goods will be stolen.

Poison Water:
3 - 6 percent of a players population and people will be poisoined.

Burn Buildings:
2 - 4 percent of buildings will be destroyed.

Again like catapults, thieves can be used by all civilizations. They are used to steal enemies army info, research info, burn buildings, poison enemy troops and steal goods.

These are the primary attacking and defensive units for New 1000 ad.
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