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Blog Entry: Jan 4, 2012 11:18 AM
Civilizations of New 1000 AD
I thought I would go over the civilizations in the game and explain what weapons they use, economy and other details of each civilization.

Vikings...One of my favorite civilizations. Nice economical bonuses in wood,iron and food. Can be a strong attacker or a strong explorer. Have a swordsmen bonus plus an archer bonus. Excellent civilization for newer players.

Franks...This is my least favorite civilization. They are basically a purely exploring civilization, which bores me but other really enjoy it. Economy will be based on food. Exploring mostly plains land, Franks can make massive amounts of food , for themselves or alliance members. The most powerful defensive towers in the game. Can make a nearly impenetrable defence.

Japanese..Another of my favorite civilizations...They are the multitasking civilization of New 1000 AD. With their research bonus, they can explore or attack with equal proficiency. Economy will be run off farms and food production. Very versatile civilization. With their town center bonus they can support huge armies of catapults and thieves. Can devastate empires with their ability to catapult other empires into oblivion. Swordsmen or Horsemen good attacking units for Japanese.

Byzantines...The money bank civilization of the game..With their gold mining bonus, they will be largely depended on the amount of mountains they own. Each turn a Byzantine takes, they make much needed gold. Byzantines success is largely dependent on the prices on the public market . By using less land for research towers, they have a nice research bonus also. Swordsmen is the preferred attacking unit and archers the preferred defensive unit.

Mongols...The most powerful military civilization in the game...A never ending supply of weapons and tools. With their weapons and tool bonus they are valuable alliance members. Extremely difficult civilization to learn and master. With their fort bonus they can support massive armies of swordsmen or archers. Mongols have the ability to play solo with very little difficulty.

Incas...By far my favorite civilization...Powerful attackers able to take massive amounts of land with their Shaman. The civilization of choice for killing empires in my opinion. No economy bonuses so Incas must make money by other means. Thieving is a preferred method. With the cost of research bonus, Incas need very little money to get research. Can make their own weapons. Maces are preferred attacking unit and towers the defensive unit most commonly used because of lack of economy. Also, can be a devastating catapult and thieving civilization.

Chinese...The battering ram ...Chinese have a fort space bonus that allows them to support huge armies of trained peasants. Trained peasants have no cost like other offensive and defensive units so they can continually attack an enemy until all the opponents defences have been destroyed. Will run an economy off iron sales. Very weak at early stages of game but with added research can be a devastating attacker.

Barbarians...The Bulldozer of New 1000 AD...Barbarians main source of economy is the sale of wine. Which also allows them to use their wine bonus to double their attack strength more easily than any other civilization. Weakness of Barbarian is they are dependent on the public market . Wine sales go bad, the Barbarian is stuck. Macemen are the preferred attacking unit. Archers or towers the preferred defensive unit. No civilization can stop a fully forted full wine barbarian from breaking their defences.

Turks...A powerful attacking civilization..Turks use the mobility of their horsemen armies to attack and defend at a moments notice. Also have a slight research bonus to help with research. Turk also has a nice crossbow bonus for weapon making. Crossbow army can devastate an attacking swordsmen army. Food is the main source of economy for Turks.

Zulu...Another civilization that can do it all...Explore with great success and attack with equal success. Food is the main economy of the Zulu. Pikemen are the preferred attacking and defending unit. Like a Frank can produce massive amounts of food for themselves or alliance members. With their pike weapon making bonus they also have very little problem playing solo.

I hope this gives a person a good idea of what civilizations there are at New 1000 Ad and an idea of how to use them.
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