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Blog Entry: Jan 3, 2012 09:57 AM
Reasons to like New 1000 AD
I just thought I would talk about some of the features and the reasons Ive always loved this game. First reason would be, I like text based games. Im not big on having to have explosions or anything like that to enjoy my game. Its basically a book and Im in it. I read what happens around the next corner . Graphics dont make a game better in my opinion. The scoreboard is easy to figure out, I can message and make friends easily.
Second is it loosely based on history. Ive always liked history, even majored in it in college, before I realized I didnt want to be around kids but thats a whole different blog .:) When I was a kid I loved to read about wars that happened in the past. Now in my spare time, I can lead my Viking army against an army of Barbarians. Just anything to do with history is a plus for me.
Third reason would be it has a worldwide player base. The game has been online for 10 years under the name 1000 AD. The site went down so I put the game back online, so over those years the game has developed a list of characters. Some friends, some enemies. Nothing better than going against an alliance of blood thirsty Russians in Standard. Good times.
There are alot more reasons I like this game so much. It was easy to learn, great tutorials and information in the forums. Easy to use message system and lounge so I could find players to team up with. The different army units, buildings and resources to make it challenging also. I highly recommend people give the game a try. Ive played for 8 years now and still enjoy it.
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