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    Blog Entry: Mar 22, 2011 11:30 PM
    My experience in cardiac rehab
    Well since I had my heart attack I hve had to start a conditioning program to get my strength back and rebuild strength in my heart. I have always been pretty physically fit and a pretty good athlete in my day, so weakness isnt something Im real used too.
    Im not some world class guy by no means but never have I been the guy who got his books knocked out of his hand, so to speak. Well, this has really weakened me and Im always tired anymore. They say it will be about 3 -4 months for me to get back to "normal".
    My first day I show up for cardiac rehab I look around and everyone there is old. 70-80 years old. So Im thinking, what a croc that I have to excercise with peoples grandparents. Was kind of pissed and really full of myself.
    They put me on a treadmill and said try walking at 1.7 mph for 15 minutes . Im thinking thats easy, why dont you raise the bar, Im young. So anyway, I start this ridiculous program. Next to me is a woman, probably about 70 years old. I look at her treadmill and she is scooting along at 3.3 mph. At this point my ego kicks in full steam. Not going to be outdone my someones grandma, just aint happening.
    So I start messing with buttons and Im thinking if she can go 3.3 mph, I can easily go 3.5 mph. So I crank up the speed and start my program. Maybe 30-45 seconds in I realize I have bit off more than I can chew. Im gassed but I cant stop. My heart might be weak but my ego strong. Couldnt keep up with the old lady. She blew my doors off.
    I had to stop, go rest and thought I was going to die. I got blown out by someones grandma in a foot race. Aie yi yi. Thank you cigarettes. I will beat her before its over but I had to laugh at my situation. Getting smoked by someones grandma put my ego in check.
    Comment By: Pharrell - Mar 25, 2011 12:03 PM
    I wish the best of luck to you in your rehab, Jack. Just take it one step at a tyme. I will keep you in my prayers when I pray to Allah. Afterall, he is the one who beats your heart and mine as well. Also, at night, he takes our Soul, and, if approved by him, we return to our bodies the next morning to live another day. Allah Akbar.

    So, no fear of going to sleep at night wondering if you won't wake up the next day. It say that if Allah keeps your soul while you sleep then it just doesn't return to your body and the latter decays and dies. So would be absolutely painless death. This gives me peace of mind and hope it will give you peace too... :)))
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