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    Blog Entry: Jan 20, 2013 12:03 AM
    ~ Eye Candy ~
    Haven't blogged in a while. Not really even sure what i'm going to talk about as I don't have much to talk about. Just another day in this sh*tty Group Home. Bored as usual. Really the only " positive " thing that I do in here is exercise. Do some dumbbell curls and dips, push-ups, crunches, etc. That's about it. Oh and I read the Holy Qur'an but that's like every other day or every third day. That all depends on whether or not i'm getting mind f*cked by the racing thoughts. I admit they have gotten somewhat better with the Prozac but it still happens to me a lot. And every time it happens to me I pray to Allah to save me from the madness. So yeah I guess I have gotten " closer " to my creator. I know Allah is god there is no doubt in my mind. Allah tests me so hard but it is all for a reason I guess. A reason that I don't even really know yet. I guess he has good things planned for me I just wonder when it is going to happen. I always tell myself " I want these girls to get me while i'm still in my 20's. ". I don't wanna be thirty something when it comes true. 30 is like old to me. I'm still like a " kid " in my 20's and I feel like it would only be right for these Fox girls to get me in my 20's. That really is my only wish. I don't really desire much in life really only these girls that Allah did promise me back on October 7th, 2007... I often wonder like what the first thing that i'm going to say to Page Hopkins will be. I'm sure it will be " I love you Page... ". And I know i'm going to be crying the first time I meet her in the flesh. After thinking about her every day for 5 years straight and loving her with all my heart it's going to be a bit overwhelming to say the least. And I just wonder what kissing her for the first time will be like. Probably pure bliss. Something that I know i'll never forget. Anyway, I really just blogged to post a new picture of myself. O.M.G. Cuteness overload. Pure Cuteness. So So Pretty. So sexy. Absolutely Adorable. Effing " un "approachable ladies. ke ke ke... ( you know what i'm talking about ). Men ENVY Me and Girls Are Afraid to Approach Me. So true... sighs... no wonder I never talk to girls eh ? I'm so lonely... =(

    Anyway here you go. Oh and btw, underneath the picture will be a link to my Facebook page. I want you people to add me. I wanna know who's really reading this blog of mine. Thanks. Appreciate it.

    Ladies, enjoy. Haters, eat your Heart out.



    - Glo/Matt
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