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Blitz Game # 97.
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Standard Game:
Turns every 9 minutes.
Max stored: 320
28 day round
Points count towards league
Blitz Game:
Turns every 3 minutes.
Max stored: 800
21 day round
Points count towards league.
Test Game:
Turns every 1 minutes.
Max stored: 1500
14 day round
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Blitz Game # 97
Game started: Aug. 22, 2016
Game Ends: Sep. 03, 2016

1 Turn every 3 minutes.
Max turns stored: 800
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New 1000 A.D.- Medieval War Games

New 1000 A.D. Blitz is a action packed, fast paced free online medieval game where you build an empire through resources and research. This is the ultimate battlefield to prove your strategic and leadership skills. Battle it out with your enemies to prove who is the king of the ancient world. Overwhelm players defences and conquer large swaths of land and control the known world of New 1000 A.D.

New 1000 A.D. is a multiplayer strategy game with 6 person alliances. You can join these alliances and use teamwork to beat up on other empires. The advantages to being in an alliance are great. You can buy goods cheaper, share information and attack other players and destroy their empires with brute force. Lead them to victory and become a legend in New 1000 A.D.

New 1000 AD - Features Video

Blitz Leaderboard

Round LeaderboardTop Alliances
Player Score
Bambuzya (9) 123,527,541
Purple Stars (13) 76,476,162
Effingham (10) 41,289,822
Eaglemen (14) 2,139,647
InCo (12) 429,472
Coffinz (17) 144,092
Asian Soup (7) 53,652
woody (11) 14,712
Game Admin 1 (1) 14,485
The Nights Watch (8) 14,360
Alliance scores not available. Please check in couple minutes.

Defy your opponent Strategically

New 1000 A.D. Blitz is a turn bonanza of a medieval war game. 800 turn max with a new turn every 3 minutes and round played in 21 days is a wild ride. It's the perfect time to turn back time, go into the past and play war games. You can enjoy the ultimate experience of a battlefield that other medieval war games can't offer like New 1000 A.D.

However, to ensure you are the undisputed champion on the battlefield, you have to think creatively , strategize your moves and most of all devise a winning game plan. With an unbeatable game plan you can explore with these renowned civilizations, attack and bring down opponent empires, build a strong army by forming alliances with other players , send thieves to spy on other empires and learn their troop movements and research plans or steal goods.

To strengthen the economy of your small empire you can showcase your management skills by managing scarce resources skillfully and controlling the market. Leading armies of thieves, catapults and swordsmen is now cheap. You must learn to balance everything to make a powerhouse of an empire.

New 1000 A.D. is the ultimate ground where you can wage a furious war against the best players in the world. Chat with players with the in game chat option and learn and share all the techniques that make some players dominate over the rest of the group. Defeat, dominate, and force opponents into submission in this fantastic online medieval war game New 1000 A.D.

How to Play and Wage War

If you already have an account, then you can simply login and start playing. If not just sign up and register a free account. It is advisable to go over the new player tutorial and watch the video tutorials to get you a great start to this free medieval game. Join the Forums and go over strategies written by the best players in the game and interact with other players. You can also get tips and follow any updates for New 1000 A.D. in our blog.

Choose your favorite Civilization

Once you have created your login and understood the game New 1000 A.D, then it is time to declare war. Pick one of 10 different historical civilizations to lead and defeat and change their destiny. Your options are Vikings, Mongols, Turks, Franks, Barbarians, Japanese, Chinese, Incas, Zulu and Byzantines.

You can lead Chinese peasants against Mongol horsemen or send Inca Shaman to gain huge land grabs over Barbarian archers in this free online text based mmorpg.

Two ways to win

The two best ways to win the online multiplayer strategy game New 1000 A.D are:

  1. To build a huge number of cities to send armies of explorers to find forests, mountains and plains land.
  2. You can also win by creating a powerful economy to support a huge and formidable army to conquer other empires.

This is how war games online are supposed to be. Now begin your quest for victory and become a legend of New 1000 A.D.