Standard Game Blitz Game
Rank Player Points
1 Effingham 769
2 alsey 674
3 InCo 522
4 PooPooPlatter 371
5 Mighty Mouse 239
6 Aristat 227
7 Leeuw van Vlaanderen 212
8 Resolution 211
9 The New Republic 173
10 MaPaT 172
Rank Player Points
1 Maximus Junus 758
2 InCo 620
3 alsey 607
4 PooPooPlatter 554
5 MaPaT 545
6 Old Soldier 416
7 Versus 373
8 Lerossia 336
9 Chaos 264
10 Kano 244
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New 1000 AD - Strategy war games

New 1000 Ad is a fun filled multiplayer adventure in a text based game set in medieval times. This is one of the most compelling text based games on the internet and has been around since 2001. New 1000 Ad uses teamwork, empire building and guile to control the medieval world by using a turn based element that makes this strategy war game above all others. The ultimate objective if to control the leaderboard. 100% free with no downloads.

New 1000 A.D. Features Video

Current Round Leaderboard

Player Score
Monster (6) 2,267,000
InCo (13) 664,702
OltenianEmpire (9) 363,335
HomeWreckers (14) 57,032
zombies (12) 45,229
Studder Mantia (10) 31,234
webmaster (7) 14,388
Whigwham (8) 14,360
why so mad 4 (11) 14,360
Game Admin 1 (1) 0
Player Score
Bambuzya (9) 91,916,818
NaCHo (5) 84,666,145
Effingham (10) 22,615,007
InCo (12) 429,472
Asian Soup (7) 53,652
woody (11) 14,712
Game Admin 1 (1) 14,485
The Nights Watch (8) 14,360
Game Admin 2 (2) 0
Game Admin 3 (3) 0

Build a Powerful Civilization

Players start out with a small patch of land and build their empire using resources such as wood, iron and gold. Using a global market players are able to sell their goods to enemies for high prices and to their teammates for lower prices. Players are given a protection period to build their empire but when the protection period ends they are at the mercy of land grabbing Incas and ax wielding Vikings among other nasty and voracious enemies. They want your land and they will kill you and your population to achieve victory in this classic turn based strategy war game.

Text based games are fun because they implement a true use of strategy in each and every turn a player takes in this awesome and addicting war game. Features of the game include 13 different types of resources to build,sale and feed powerful armies. 20 different types of military units to direct into battle and 18 types of research a player can use to make their farms, gold mines or armies perform better. Do not worry about being thrown into war without help. New 1000 AD offers a new player tutorial and video tutorials and forums and our blog with various strategies written by expert players.

A Variety of Civilizations to Battle and Defeat

New 1000 AD has two different text based games to play. The Standard game has a max turn of 320 turns with new turns coming every 9 minutes and is played in round of 28 days. This is the slower paced of the two games. The Blitz is much faster paced with a max turn count of 800 with new turns coming every 3 minutes and rounds played in 21 days. There are 10 different civilizations to choose from, such as Byzantine, Zulu, Vikings, Mongols, Turks, Franks, Barbarians, Incas, Japanese and Chinese.

Declare Online War

With all the games on consoles and the internet the classic games are lost to a huge amount of flash and other type of games. The classic strategy games are lost in this pile of lights and flashing gizmos. Turn based games offer a true strategy and thought between each and every exciting turn. New 1000 AD combines elements of gameplay that are no longer visible in true online strategy war games. Browser based games have been around for years and they continue to grow. Multiplayer games that use alliances, markets, research and armies to conquer are the most fun in a turn based format.

New 1000 AD combines all forms of strategy and teamwork to make it one of the very best text based war games. With players from around the world and round of 21 or 28 days you are never locked into one empire for long periods of time. Try all 16 civilizations and become the very best at one or all of them. Register to play now and join this wonderful browser game and test your skills against the best in the world at turn based strategy war games.

To start, make a free account and join this multiplayer war game. If you have a problem with someone, surprise them with an online battle, and you can challenge multiple players. Use guile and guts to overcome all obstacles to victory, so take charge today and change the course of history.