New 1000 Ad and its Appeal to All Ages: In the early days of video gaming, war games we considered by many to be time wasters as they could be lots of fun but offered little to no educational value. The game mechanics of average war games were pretty basic and focused more on elements such as ... Read More

Great memories of online war game: Looking back in my memories today a particular Standard round in 2005 came to my mind. I was in an alliance with DR,Rumbustification, Cerebus, LXC, Spank,Alchemist,Atlantis,Urrgath and myself. We went into round with every intention of whipping Terror Pal... Read More

Great turn based game: I have come across several online games and have spent countless hours on the internet playing my favorite games. One of the advantages of playing all these games in I get a real good idea of what is good and what isnt. Or least I like to think so.
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Auto protection comes to standard: After a lengthy delay auto protection will be implemented in standard this weekend. 10 ready made civilizations with research,buildings and resources all ready to go at 320 turns. Of course same with blitz there will be a $3 fee to avoid abuse and to help... Read More

Rank Player Points
1 Effingham 1,116
2 InCo 1,021
3 alsey 826
4 PooPooPlatter 371
5 Versus 284
6 Viz 251
7 Mighty Mouse 239
8 Aristat 227
9 Site Admin 215
10 Leeuw van Vlaanderen 212

Rank Player Points
1 InCo 1,148
2 Versus 838
3 alsey 811
4 Maximus Junus 766
5 MaPaT 620
6 PooPooPlatter 554
7 Old Soldier 532
8 Effingham 499
9 tachak 381

Current Round Leaderboard

Empire BuilderMedieval War
Player Score
Game Admin 1 (1) 0
Game Admin 2 (2) 0
Game Admin 3 (3) 0
Trainer 1 (4) 0
Site Admin (5) 0
Player Score
InCo (19) 65,238,228,357
HURG (5) 734,280,344
Effingham (15) 189,131,099
Kano (21) 52,295,825
Lethal Shadow (16) 6,457,952
oz (6) 15,168
Count D (27) 14,306
Hmoob (10) 14,305
Waggonandhorses (11) 14,305
Old Soldier (12) 14,305

New 1000 A.D. Features Video

Welcome to New 1000 AD

New 1000 AD is an updated version of the classic text based game 1000 AD. You can control 10 different medieval civilizations based around the year 1000 AD. You are the leader of a small empire. Explore for new land, build farms, use forests for wood and mine for gold and iron to build your wealth and empire then using strategy, economics and diplomacy lead your military against other empires for the top of the leaderboard. The multiplayer aspect of the game comes in with the use of markets where you can sell your goods to other players or members of your alliance. Teamwork wins. There are 3 versions of the game each uses a turn based strategy. The Empire Builder version has 320 turn max each turn used takes 9 minutes to regain. This version is perfect for our Blind and new players. Our second game is Medieval War it is a much faster paced game and has and 800 turn max with each turn used taking only 3 minutes to regain. Our 3rd game is Epic Warfare the fastest of the 3 games. It has 1500 turns with each turn used taking 1 minute to regain. Best part is New1000 AD is Free !!

Military Domination is the Goal in New 1000 AD

A thousand years has passed since 1000 AD but the rules of power are the same. No civilization can dominate the world without a stable economy, strong military, loyal allies or most importantly leaders with strategic guile and savvy diplomatic skills. You can win two ways in New 1000 AD. Attacking your opponents into submission with military might or exploring for land and building powerful defensive walls to defend your empire. There are 10 DIFFERENT MEDIEVAL CIVILIZATIONS to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Build farms to feed and grow your population and feed your armies, hire woodcutters to produce wood to construct buildings, forts, markets and weapons for your soldiers. Put your people to work mining for gold and iron to fund research to improve you empires technological superiority over your enemies or use weaponsmiths to build swords or catapults. Talk to other online players in our forums or in our players lounge or message online players in the game and work together to build a powerful alliance. Trading goods and using strategic military attacks with ALLIANCE members makes the lone wolf player a target and at a terrible disadvantage. Use the multiplayer aspect of the game to your advantage. Make Allies !!

Lead hordes of Vikings on raids to steal goods or send Japanese Samurai to attack Chinese peasants or repel them with Mongol swordsmen. Send Turk Horsemen on long journeys to attack Zulu warriors or explore past them behind powerful walls with the Franks towers and excellent explorers. The possibilities and different options are only limited to your time and imagination. Batter your enemies population and armies with thousands of catapults or steal army information or burn buildings and poison drinking water with well trained thieves. Since this is a turn based strategy game each turn your take has to be strategically and logically thought out. The most important resource in New 1000 AD are your turns. Use them wisely. No army or economy can dominate the known world of 1000 AD without superior technology. Each building,military unit and economic resource can improved with research. As you become more technologically advanced the research get more expensive and harder to attain so pick a plan and stick with it.

How to Prepare for War

Just like in the real world cases the most educated on a particular subject will become leaders and some cases world leaders. Surviving 1000 AD is no different. We have many tools to help new players or even advanced players learn techniques and strategies written by some of the best players who have played this game over the years and with the GAME DOCUMENTATION page. Take a few turns and get the feel for the game and have no fear of being attacked as a weakling. Each game has a protection period the length of each game has max turns at the start of each round which last different lengths depending on server you choose. You cannot be attacked or attack during this period. This is a time when you build your economy and defense to prepare for the harsh world outside of protection where stealthy Incas wait for unprotected noobs to leave protection and they can steal large amounts of your hard earned land. Learn from our FORUMS, our VIDEO TUTORIALS and our NEW PLAYER TUTORIAL. You can also read our BLOG for opinions, strategies and updates on the game. While you try to learn the tricks of the game to make it to the top of the leaderboard join our Facebook Group, post in our in game lounge or message players online and join our in game chat and be active in the Forums. These will all help you make friends and allies to work with and discuss strategy with. So good luck and we hope you enjoy your stay at New 1000 AD. Prepare for online war with a multiplayer base of players from around the world and remember to take it easy it's all free !! Your goal is to make it on the board below.