Standard Game Blitz Game
Rank Player Points
1 alsey 510
2 Effingham 441
3 PooPooPlatter 237
4 Aristat 227
5 Resolution 211
6 Mighty Mouse 211
7 InCo 194
8 Leeuw van Vlaanderen 187
9 MaPaT 172
Rank Player Points
1 Maximus Junus 758
2 alsey 434
3 Old Soldier 353
4 MaPaT 345
5 PooPooPlatter 310
6 Chaos 259
7 Lerossia 244
8 Edward_Bya 238
9 Kano 235
10 rednex from hell 204
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New 1000 AD - Strategy war games

New 1000 A.D. is a turn based strategy game set in the middle ages. It is a multiplayer war game with alliances and players from around the world. You need to be a strong diplomat, be able to run a potent economy and lead a formidable military to dominate New 1000 A.D. The rewards are plentiful, as you can rewrite history by turning a small medieval country into a powerful kingdom.

It is crucial to work with other players in your alliance to make trades, join in battle and a variety of other tasks. Use intricate strategies to outwit and overpower unsuspecting enemies and control the known world of New 1000 A.D. In addition, connect with players using our facebook page !!

What is the best part of New 1000 AD? It is 100% free with no downloads! Register a free account and change history.

New 1000 A.D. Features Video

Current Round Leaderboard

Player Score
alsey (19) 79,817,917
PooPooPlatter (9) 38,054,545
InCo (12) 33,838,890
Effingham (6) 22,754,290
Hekkard (8) 4,168,631
BlowingWind (29) 3,106,535
Hollowfied (13) 2,240,340
ports (21) 1,864,257
Roachdom (28) 1,179,327
damn mom (25) 677,757
Player Score
MaPaT (18) 606,918,414
InCo (25) 311,721,304
Ukraine (19) 75,426,528
vahalla (36) 45,542,430
muck sticky (17) 28,284,236
Don Korlione (5) 24,761,005
Versus (22) 11,557,116
SCAN (16) 10,711,149
JumpingBean (12) 8,079,091
chicken_chung_lee (6) 5,979,219

Build a powerful kingdom

New 1000 AD has two challenging and addictive strategies. As a turn based and browser based game, new civilizations start out very poor and very weak. By using in game resources and gaining research to improve technology, you slowly build a vast and dominant empire. Ultimately, if you use shrewd strategy, you decide the course of history.

Specifically, you run a powerful economy by using the resources in the game to sell to other players on the global market or sell your goods on a local market to your own population. More money means more weapons, more research and more land.

Features of the game include 19 different types of buildings each with a unique purpose, 13 types of resources to make and sell, 20 different military units to command, 18 types of research to gain. Join alliances and work with friends, explore for land or attack and take it from unsuspecting noobs. The strategies are endless but you can get help from our new player tutorial and video tutorials.

New 1000 AD has players from around the world who visit every day. Players are encouraged to give input and opinions on changes to make New 1000 AD a better game. With updates and code changes to improve gameplay when needed, it makes New 1000 AD the very best multiplayer strategy war game in the world.

A Variety of Civilizations to Battle and Defeat

New 1000 AD has two different text based games to play. The Standard game has a max turn of 320 turns with new turns coming every 9 minutes and is played in round of 28 days. This is the slower paced of the two games. The Blitz is much faster paced with a max turn count of 800 with new turns coming every 3 minutes and rounds played in 21 days. There are 10 different civilizations to choose from, such as Byzantine, Zulu, Vikings, Mongols, Turks, Franks, Barbarians, Incas, Japanese and Chinese.

How to Play

Through our game forums and in game player’s lounges, players can get firsthand advice on how are the best and proven ways to win at New 1000 AD. Learn new strategies, ask questions or simply talk about the world in general. You can also follow our updates and other game news in our Blog. Chat has also been installed to make communication between players much easier.

Declare Online War

To start, make a free account and join this multiplayer war game. If you have a problem with someone, surprise them with an online battle, and you can challenge multiple players. Use guile and guts to overcome all obstacles to victory, so take charge today and change the course of history.